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Project Team Weekly Meeting - Feb 6, 2013

TM/PY Project Team Weekly Meeting

February 6, 2013

Attendees: 29 total

Bureaus represented: BES, BHR, BTS, EBS, PFD&R, OMF, Parks, PBOT, Water, Police, PF&R

Project Status Update - Dewald

  • Fixing Defects
  • Developing the specifications for the Design Enhancements/improvements


Dewald also discussed a preview of the premiums and working out of class options with a demonstration of the basics to the time entry process for the new schema.


  • Many A/A types will be removed (specifically the comp codes that pair with the pay codes as the comp option will now be handled by the O/C field enhancement)
  • Premium A/A Types will be moved to the Premium Field
  • Working out of Class will not be identified by the A/A type, but rather by the entry of job class# and Valuation basis.
  • Process for entering exception time in general will be streamlined:
  1. Enter A/A type for hours worked
  2. Indicate if OT, then to comp – or leave blank to default pay
  3. Select Premium
  4. Enter the Valuation Basis, + indicator, and job class to identify Working out of class.

 exception example

Proposed Time sheet Validations - De Ann

  • Key Discussions:
    • Holidays – ESS should not have the ability to move the holiday on the time sheets, ONLY the timekeeper via CAT2
    • Cost Objects – identified the issue surrounds WBS Elements that don’t contain a phase (the ‘parent’ object) are currently not prevented from being entered on the time sheet.
      • Request to include the EBS Functional Analyst for FILO in this discussion
  • Unpaid Holiday – Should the system automatically remove the holiday if the employee has unpaid time the day before or the day after the holiday?  OR should there be a report that is run to determine which employees have unpaid time around the holiday, but are still being paid the holiday.  To be discussed with BHR to consider all options, then again in a future meeting.


Next Meeting Topics:

  • Time sheet Validations
  • Holidays
  • Premiums


Thank you for attending!