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Q&A from the Roadmap Meeting

TM/PY Project Team - Time Remediation Roadmap Presentation


Attendees: 64

Bureaus represented: BES, BHR, BOEC,BTS, EBS, Fire, Housing, OEHR, OMF, ONI, Parks, PBOT, PDC, PHB, Planning & Sustainability, Police, Revenue, Water


Roadmap Questions/Comments:

Q:        For SAP Multiple Entry – will the new time sheet display be visible?

A:         No.

Q:        How does the new CATS display for the timekeepers compare to the display for employees via the new ESS time sheet?

A:         Many of the same enhancements overlap – and additional fields can be requested to add to the ESS time sheet.

Q:        The cost center listed on the CATS display – is that only the home cost center or the 1018 – distribution?

A:         Yes, it is the home cost center.

Q:        Will the time sheet validation occur for each line entered on the time sheet when entering multiple line?

A:         Yes.

Q:        When entering time on a day off, do you need to enter with the lunch period?

A:         No, you can just enter on one line the total # of hours worked.

Q:        Will there be a new code to enter time over the lunch period?

A:         Yes

Q:        Unpaid Time for holiday validation will cause people to call the timekeeper.

A:         The validation will show up and the employee can remove the holiday or request the timekeeper to override to pay the holiday if the situation is exception per contract when employee is unpaid before or after the holiday.

Q:        How do you enter deferred holiday for the hours worked on the holiday?

A:         To defer the holiday (@ 1x) – you enter a ‘D’ in the O/C field on the 0HOL line; if the selected group defers the hours worked (@1.5x) – you enter a ‘D’ on the 0HWP – Hours worked entry line.

Q:        Can you add the cost center to the ESS display?

A:         Yes!

Q:        When timekeepers utilize the personal template option in ESS, it translates to all time sheets when they enter time for employees in CAT2, will that change?

A:         That will not change.

Q:        If you have not been informed of the Work Schedule Project – what should you do?

A:         Your change agents were informed at a meeting yesterday (02/27/2013) and they will receive an email with instructions by the end of the day Friday (03/01/2013)

Q:        When will the new ESS time sheet go live?

A:         Same as the TM/PY Project – 06/06/2013.

Q:        Will the MSS time approval/leave approval go live with the rest of the project as well?

A:         Yes!

Q:        Housing Bureau has a requirement for HUD to have printed out time sheets, how will ESS accommodate this?

A:         EBS will create a Housing Bureau specific report per the requirements for HUD.