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Preview of Overtime and Comp Changes

Timekeeping Changes – Communication #1

Preview of Overtime / Comp Changes

This is the beginning of a series of communications to SAP Timekeepers regarding the upcoming Time Management changes going into effect on June 6th, 2013. Each communication will include a preview of some of the major changes to the business processes and what you see in SAP. Prior to June 6th, all primary timekeepers will be invited to attend hands-on training to learn about these changes in more detail.

What’s new? One of the first things you’ll notice are two new columns which appear on the timesheet. The information we are sharing with you today will talk about the OC (Overtime / Comp) column and what options are available. The OC column will be used to indicate a request for how to compensate extra time worked (overtime) or a request for how to compensate time worked on a holiday.

NOTE: Holiday changes will be discussed in an upcoming email.


Below is a list of the OC codes available and how they will be used. The rows in bold are the ones used for overtime/comp time entry.

codes and description

Who is affected? This will affect how the timekeeper enters time in CAT2 and how the employee enters time on the ESS time sheet. We will provide additional information for the ESS users to understand the changes to the timesheet.

What will change? The 0HWC A/A code will go away. Request for comp time will now be indicated by the OC field.

Why is this change being made? In combination with other enhancements to the design (such as premiums, holidays & working out of class), the change helps to create a process for entering time that is easier to understand and more practical. This process utilizes the standard fields in the SAP time sheet as well eliminates some of A/A types and premiums listed in the time sheet dropdown menus.

Example: “before” and “after”

Scenario: Negative time-entry employee who is charging time to cost object has worked an additional 2 hours in the day. These two hours will be put into the comp quota bank, rather than be paid out.

OLD way: A/A code entered is 0HWC and total hours are captured in the time sheet.

NEW way: A/A code selected is 0HWP, C (comp hours worked) is selected in the OC column and additional hours are captured on the time sheet.

data entry area