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Lunch Break Changes

Lunch Break Changes!

What’s new? Does the employee have a schedule in the system? Is the lunch break adequately reflected in the schedule? If the answers are yes, then your life just got a whole lot easier! One of the changes coming with the Time Management Redesign project is that SAP will now recognize the employee’s scheduled lunch break. This changes how time is entered for hours worked.

Who is affected? This change is only in effect for negative time entry employees who have a schedule in the system. This will affect how the timekeeper enters time in CAT2 and how the employee enters time on the ESS time sheet. We will provide additional information for the ESS users to understand the changes to the time sheet.

What will change? Hours worked on the time sheet no longer have to be split out over a lunch break. A single line of entry can be made across the lunch break and SAP will automatically exclude that planned break from the working hours.

Instead, if an employee does need to be paid for time worked during their planned lunch break, a new line will be entered with an attendance code and the time worked during lunch.

What are the benefits to this change? Because entering two lines of time around the lunch hour was tedious and resulted in many errors. By making this change, there is no concern about accidentally charging overtime because the employee forgot to take out the lunch break.

Example: “before” and “after”

Scenario: Negative time entry

OLD way: Two lines of time entries were made around the lunch break.

old lunch

NEW way: Single line is entered for the period that crosses over the lunch break. They system will automatically deduct the hours so they don’t get charged.

new lunch