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Working Out of Class

Working Out of Class

What’s the change? Working out of class is now entered much like regularly worked time.  We are eliminating the A/A code 0WOC. Hours worked out of class will now be flagged in the system by the entry of the job code in the Job column and the valuation basis.

Who is affected? Timekeepers and ESS users who are entering working out of class in either CAT2 or the ESS Time Sheet.

What will change? A time validation warning will occur for timekeepers if the job code was entered without a valuation basis OR if a valuation basis is entered without a job code. This will NOT happen in the ESS time sheet however. Timekeepers will still need to enter the plus or minus and the valuation basis.

Why was this change made? This change was made to simplify the time keeping processes. Working out of class can now be paid in combination with other premiums and attendance codes. More information about Premiums and Attendance Codes will be coming next week.

Example: “before” and “after”

Scenario: Employee working out of class for a shift

OLD way: 0WOC code was selected in A/A column, as well as Val. And Job code.

old WOC

NEW way: Another A/A code is selected as appropriate (such as 0HWC) as well as valuation basis, plus or minus, and job code.

new WOC