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Holiday Changes

Holiday Changes

Beginning on June 6th, the behavior of holidays will change in the system. Below is a list of the major changes. For more details, see the Holiday Job Aid.

  1. Holidays will default on the timesheet with a new A/A code: 0HOL.
  2. A special holiday program will run 2 weeks prior to the holiday and place the holiday on the appropriate day in the employee’s schedule, depending on their bargaining unit, schedule, and employee type.
  3. Hours worked within the employee’s holiday hours must be entered with 0HWP.
  4. Employees will not be able to change the default holiday behavior on their ESS time sheet. However, a timekeeper can override the default behavior.
  5. There will be new options available in the OC (Overtime/Comp) column of the time sheet which allow the timekeeper to change the behavior of the holidays (defer holiday, make it unpaid, postpone holiday, and force pay or deferral of holiday). These rules vary by bargaining unit and employee type.
  6. If an employee tries to use the OC column to make changes in the timesheet, they will receive an error.


The attached Holiday Job Aid will provide you with more information about the holidays and a new holiday switch for positive time entry employees.

Training Reminder – Don’t forget to sign up today!

Also, we are getting ready for timekeeper training for all the changes in CAT2. The new changes are scheduled to take effect on June 6th, so we will have training for the primary timekeepers beginning on Tuesday, May 28th. Training is scheduled for two hours and broken out into two different sessions. If you are a primary timekeeper in any bureau other than Parks, Water, PBOT, BES, Police, and Housing, please go to the CityLearner website and sign up for the Time Redesign courses (TM 2013 Redesign). The bureaus listed above have their own sessions and do NOT need to sign up on the website. You can find a list of training dates and times here.

NOTE: There are two different courses being offered: Non-Rep ONLY and Rep and Non-Rep. Please make sure you sign up for the right one; i.e., if you don’t have any represented employees, you will not sign up for the Rep class.  

Remember, you can find previous instructions and reminders on the Timekeeper Messages web page!


only one more “Time Mgmt Tools for Timekeepers” WebEx Session (max 25 participants)

Tuesday, May 28th 10:00 – 10:45