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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

BTS HelpDesk: 503-823-5199

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97201


Common CO/FM Reports

CJ15 Displaying Commitment Line Items for a Project or a WBS Element

FM_SETS_FICTR2 Moving Fund Center to a New Fund Center Group

FMAVCR01 Display AVC Balances

FMEDDW Display Budget Entry Document List

FMRP_RFFMEP1AX FM Document Journal

FM ZFMA Budget-to-Actual w- Advance Reconciliation

FMRP_RW_BUDGET Display Budget Report Overview

FS00 Block GL Account

KOB1 Display Actual Cost Line Items - Orders

KOB2 Displaying Commitment Line Items for an Internal Order

KOSRLIST_OR Display Settlement Runes for Orders

KSB1 Display Actual Cost Line Items for a Cost Center

KSB2 Displaying Commitment Line Items for a Cost Center

S_ALR_87012993 Display Costs Posted on Orders

S_KI4_38000034 Run Index of Commitment Items

S_KI4_38000038 Run Index of Funds Centers

S_K14_38000039 Display Index of Funds

Y_DRP_63000032 Display Contract Details

Y_DRP_63000038 Monitor IA Charges by Internal Service Provider

Y_DRP_63000043 Display Budget to Actuals

ZFI_PYCARE Display Default Cost Objects for Payroll Postings

ZFIPYFOR Display Posted Payroll Costs

SAP Hierarchies Display

Seven Useful Reports for Finance Managers

Report Category Report T-Code Report Name
Budget Report    
  Y_DRP_63000037 Budget Vs. Actual Report
Basic Internal Order Reports    
  S_ALR_87012999 Internal Orders:  Actuals/Plan/Commitments
  S_ALR_87013542 WBS Elements:  Actual, Commitments, Total, Plan
  S_ALR_87013620 Cost Centers:  Actual, Plan, Commitments
Internal Order Transactional Detail Reports    
  KOB1 Internal Orders:  Actual Line Items
       CJI3 WBS Elements: Project Actual Cost Line Items
  KSB1 Cost Centers:  Actual Line Items