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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

BTS HelpDesk: 503-823-5199

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1111, Portland, OR 97204

Project Details & Launch Date


This project replaced the interim solution of storing documents in SAP to storing documents in the SAP Content Server. Storing documents in this way reduces the amount of space taken up in SAP by attachments—which is around a third of the space in SAP. This reduces the time of maintaining and administering SAP at the City. This went live on October 1st and we received feedback from end users. Based on this feedback we launched a second project which made the following changes:

  • Open attached Adobe PDF files using a web browser allowing for multiple files to be viewed without taking up SAP sessions
  • Auto populate the file name when attaching files and have it display in the attachment list
  • Less prompts to delete a file making it faster and easier
  • Increased file attachment size to 100MB

Currently, documents from accounts payable, contracts, purchase requisitions, and journal entries are already being stored in SAP, but not in the SAP Content Server. After this project is complete, newly attached documents will be stored in the SAP content server.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance and administration of SAP—saving time.
  • Positions the City to have a long-term SAP document storage solution.
  • New drag and drop attachment functionality.
  • To have expanded attachment capabilities.

Process & Work Instructions

The new content server will contain PDF documents from accounts payable, contracts, purchase requisitions, and journal entries.  Storage on the Content Server of documents in other areas of SAP (beyond Finance & Purchasing) will be added over time.

To attach a document in any of these FI transactions, click on the “Services for Object” button and then select Create > Store Business Document.  (The previous method was to select “Create Attachment” which will no longer be used).

For detailed instructions including new details on deleting documents, click [ HERE ].

To view a video instruction, click [ HERE ].


Document storage using the SAP Content Server became available to all city employees October 1, 2015.

Improvements made to storing documents using SAP Content server went live March 3, 2016.

Project Team 

Executive Sponsors: 
Satish Nath, EBS Support Manager
Michelle Kirby, Controller
Barb Gibson, Purchasing Manager

Project Team Members: 
Aaron Diamond, EBS
Trikanth Basetty, BTS/EBS
Cindy Delozier, EBS
Charlie Dudley, EBS
Pat Scarpelli, BTS/EBS
Ketan Chokshi, BTS/EBS
Manish Thakore, BTS/EBS