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Document Storage FAQ


Question   Answer
Q:  Are HR documents part of this process?   A:  No, HR processes (payroll, time, training, etc.) will not store documents using this method; only Finance documents from accounts payable, contracts, purchase requisitions, and journal entries will be stored using this method.
Q:  Can HR & other business processes use the SAP Content Server to store documents in the future?   A:  The SAP Content Server is designed to expand its capabilities for storage in the future.  But expansion of what is stored will be driven by business need and the Business Process Owner(s) of the given processes.  If you have a need, contact your EBS Business Analyst or BPO to request storage functionality.
Q:  What document types can you store?   A:  Currently, you may only store PDFs.  In future, we plan to permit other types of documents to be stored as well (e.g. Excel, Word, and other document types.)
Q:  What is going to happen to documents already entered into SAP since the original go-live of SAP?   A:  Nothing.  The documents currently in the system will remain there and can be retrieved as they always have been.
Q:  How will we find documents under this new system?  Right now, I click on “Services for Object” and go to the ‘Attachment List.’   A:  The process remains unchanged; you will find your documents in the same fashion as before.
Q:  How does this new process affect HP Records Manager (formerly TRIM)?   A:  It doesn’t affect it.
Q:  How is SAP Content Storage different from the HP Records Manager (formerly TRIM)?   A:  SAP Content Storage simply stores discrete finance documents.  HP Records Manager (formerly TRIM) has additional features used to ensure compliance with statutory records laws and official city policy on archiving.
Q:  Is there a shortcut for an MM requisitioner to attach a file for the MM approvers to see?  The new method seems to have a few more clicks.   A:  The document storage enhancement uses a different framework than just attaching documents in the core system. This framework allows for attachments to be categorized, will allow for expanded use of the attachment functionality in the future, and allows for multiple documents to be attached at one time. It does have additional screens and there is not a shortcut to attach a file. Many of these screens are connected to other needed functionality so they cannot be eliminated.  To reiterate:  these additional screens permit the addition of description information as well as ensuring the documents are categorized so that we can track them and report on them more effectively.
Q:  Is there a reason I am not able to delete an amendment I added to a contract?   A:  There is a reason. The new document storage uses role based security similar to other functions in SAP. This is different though then the security that was used previously when storing document in  the core system. Under the new framework people that have the deletion role can delete any file—not just files they attached. Due to this, the deletion role was given centrally when the new document storage was rolled out.
Q:  Can I rename something after I attach it?  I hit “enter” too soon.   A:  There is not a way to adjust the file name after you’ve hit enter—without having it deleted and then reattaching.
Q: Why can’t I attach a document when I’m creating a requisition in ME51N—the store business document button is greyed out.   A: There was a slight change to when a document can be attached during the creation of a requisition in ME51N. The requisition needs to be saved and then you can go back into the requisition and attach a document. This is similar to how the attachment functionality works in SAP.  


 Enhancements FAQ

Question   Answer
Why can’t I see the PDF title in the web browser tab?   If a PDF has a title in the title field (different than the file name) then, depending on the web browser, it may be displayed in the web browser tab. This is not displayed in Internet Explorer.
When I export a file it shows up on my computer without a file type and I have to select Adobe from a list of installed programs?  

Your Windows may be setup to hide file extensions so it’s not recognizing the file type. You can resolve this yourself by doing the following:

  1. Navigate and click on the Windows Start icon
  2. Navigate and select Computer
  3. Click on Organize in the upper left corner
  4. Select Folder and Search options
  5. Click the View tab
  6. Uncheck the box for Hide extensions for known file types
How can I check to see if the attached file is PDF/A compliant?   In Internet Explorer a blue bar will pop-up across the top that says that the file claims to be in compliance with PDF/A.
Is there an easy way to rotate pages when reviewing a contract in Internet Explorer?   You can use hot keys to rotate a page right or left. Use Shift+Ctrl+Plus(+) Shift+Ctrl+Minus(-) to quickly rotate pages.
How do I cancel attaching a document?   After a file has been selected to attach, the file name will appear in the File Description prompt. Review this name to make sure it’s the correct document. If not, click the green check on this prompt and then select the undo button that looks like an arrow on the Archive from Frontend prompt. This will delete the links that were created. The correct file can then be added.