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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

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1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1111, Portland, OR 97204

User Acceptance Testing Announcement | MAR 31

The following is a message to both the P&F Go-Live Phase I and Phase II bureaus regarding User Acceptance Testing (UAT), (re)scheduled to begin Monday, April 18 and end on Friday, April 29. 

Go-Live Phase I Bureaus are:  Portland Water Bureau/Office of Management and Finance (selected bureaus)/Portland Bureau of Transportation/Portland Police. 

Go-Live Phase II is/are all bureaus not listed as Phase I.  The goals of UAT are to provide bureau end users the opportunity to interact with the new forms, test the process, and provide any feedback for future improvement. The more involved users are at the front end of the project, the better the outcome.

Please read below for specific testing information for your bureau’s Go-Live Phase.

Go-Live Phase I Bureaus: 

1.     Assemble your testing team. 

a.    A team would ideally consist of an individual acting in one of the following roles:  OM Initiator, OM Approver, PA Initiator, PA Approver, and HR Business Partner.

b.    If one person can act as both OM Initiator and PA Initiator, then they can perform testing for both OM and PA forms. 

c.     Not everyone identified as having a role in Processes and Forms needs to attend UAT (they will, however be required to attend formal training at a later date). 

2.    Review the attached calendar to help your team decide when to attend.

a.    We can simultaneously accommodate three teams in each of the four time slots (8-10a, 10-Noon, 1-3p, and 3-5p).

b.    Time slots are for five-person teams; however, a full team is not required to participate in UAT.

c.     We would expect Go-Live Phase I bureaus to participate in a minimum of two, two hour sessions.

d.    A bureau can send more than one team during a time slot; just sign up for two or more of the three available slots.

e.    Non-available time slots are indicated in Red

3.    Send your preferred testing dates/times to Monica Borden-Ooley and De Ann Kamish.

a.    We will send you a calendar invite in response for the requested times, or an updated calendar if the slots are filled. 

b.    The deadline for Phase I sign up is Tuesday, April 5 @ 5:00 p.m. 

Phase II Bureaus: 

1.     Decide if you want to participate in UAT (strongly encouraged), begin assembling your testing team, and await communication on the morning of Wednesday, April 6 (the morning following Phase I’s scheduling deadline). 

a.    We’ll send you the remaining available testing dates/times. 

b.    The deadline for Phase II sign up will be Friday, April 8 @ 8:00 a.m. 

Sent on behalf of Satish Nath –Project Executive; Tom Schneider – Project Sponsor; Monica Borden-Ooley – Project Manager; and, De Ann Kamish – Assistant Project Manager

Mark Schackart

P&F Team Member