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PR Email Notifications FAQ

Question Answer
Does this mean that I will only receive emails now for Approval notifications?  No.  You will continue to receive your SAP Inbox notifications.  The emails are in addition to the SAP notification (which you can configure as noted in the instructions).
What transaction code do I use to configure my email preferences?  ZREQEML1 for Requisition Approvers.  ZREQEML2 for Requisitioners.  Here is a link to the work instructions -
As an Requisition Approver, what are my preference options for emails?
  1. One email for every work item (the system will check for new notifications every 15 minutes);
  2. One batched email per day sent at midnight  (all email notifications grouped together for the day);
  3. Two batched emails per day sent at noon and midnight;
  4. To opt out and not receive any email notifications.
 As a requisitioner, when will I receive notifications?  When the requisition is released and when the 48-hours reminder notice is generated.
As a Requisitioner, will I receive email notifications?   Yes.  There are two email notifications for requisitioners.  An email notification is sent when a requisition is fully released.  A 48-hour reminder email is sent when a requisition has not been approved by an approver after 48-hours.  
Why requisition approval email notifications?   A group consisting of the business process owners and subject matter experts from bureaus accounting for approximately 90% of the City’s requisitions identified the lack of an email notification as causing approval delays, and/or time consuming work arounds – phone calls, manual emails, etc.
Who gets the requisition approval email notifications?  Bureau Approvers A1 – A3 based on the fund centers they are assigned to.  Some bureaus assign more than one approver per fund center.  Grant Approvers based on the grants they are assigned.   Commodity Specialist Approvers based on the commodity material groups they are assigned to. 
Why am I getting requisition approval notification emails?   Bureau requisition approvers are assigned by their bureau’s change agent.  Some bureaus assigned more than one approver per fund center so that there are backups. Talk to your bureau’s change agent if you have questions.  
Who is my bureau’s Change Agent?   Here is a link to the bureau Change Agent list -
What if I don’t want to receive requisition approval email notifications?   You can opt out using t-code ZREQEML1.  You will still receive notifications in your SAP Workflow Inbox.  Here is a link to the work instruction for ZREQEML1 -
I received a requisition approval email notification.  What do I do next?  

Here is a link to the “Using a Purchase Requisition Email Notification” work instruction -  It will walk you through a few simple steps to either access your SAP Workflow Inbox or to proceed directly to the requisition.

I didn’t know I was a requisition approver.  What do I do?  

First, contact your bureau’s change agent to confirm that you should be a requisition approver.  If you shouldn’t be your change agent can have the role removed and have the workflow table updated.  If you should be, then here is the link to the training material -

Is there an alternative to having several bureau approvers assigned to the same fund center?   Yes, one approach would be to have one A1, one A2, and one A3 approver assigned to each fund center.  Back up bureau approvers don’t need to be assigned to the fund center.  If the backup is needed, say when the primary approver is on vacation or out sick, a substitute can be assigned to that approver’s work flow.  Here is a link to the work instruction -


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