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FAQ - FV50 JE Process for Cash Receipts



Can I enter credit card and cash/check receipts activities for the same date on one journal entry?

Yes.   Credit Card/ACH vs cash/check receipts no longer need to be separated into different JEs.

What about the Posting Date?

Since all money receipts are from the same date, regardless of what form (credit card/ACH vs cash/checks) will be entered into one JE, the Posting Date is the same. The only difference is Value Date field for credit card/ACH bank clearing GL account line items (e.g. GL 111042)

What’s the Value Date field?

The Value Date field is used in SAP for all banking transactions that are uploaded from the bank into SAP. These are the ZR document type that post daily by Treasury and are used to clear against the CR document type created by the bureaus.

How do I know what Value Date to use on my JE for the credit card/ACH GL account line items?

Please refer to EBS’s Journal Entry Process for Cash Receipts Instruction [ HERE ].

Can I combine multiply dates worth of revenue receipts into one JE?

This is not recommended.  There is only one Posting Date field in the JE document header and that date should reflect the date the revenue was received. When multiple dates of receipts are combined, auto clear will not work due to the mismatch of the Posting Date between CR and ZR documents.