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Bike & Walk Bucks FAQ




Am I eligible for the transit, carpool, bike & walk incentive program, known as TRIP, Trip Reduction Incentive Program? Yes- If you are a City of Portland Employee who is eligible for benefits.No- If you work for a temp agency, private contractor, or you are a seasonal employee not eligible for benefits.  Contact your bureau’s timekeeper with job status questions.
How does the City calculate the $50 monthly incentive? The language from the 2013 City of Portland T.R.I.P Ordinance states: PBOT and OMF shall maintain an incentive contribution rate for all city bureaus that is roughly equivalent to 50% of the cost of a TriMet pass, rounded to the nearest dollar.  The incentive contribution rate shall be reviewed annually and set no later than January 1 to be in the budget the subsequent fiscal year.  
Can I submit Bike & Walk Bucks after the end of the quarter deadline?   No you must complete the online form by the last day of the month at the end of the quarter.  You also cannot submit requests for past quarters. 
When can I submit Bike & Walk Bucks?   You can record your commute to work by walking or biking each during month.  At the end of each quarter the system will lock so Payroll can proceed with payment.  If you would like an email reminder, send an email to Rich Cassidy and you will be added to a reminder list that goes out at the end of each quarter.  The deadlines for submittals are the end of each quarter (i.e., end of March for the Jan 1-March 31 quarter).

Email Rich Cassidy in the Bureau of Transportation to be added to an email reminder list about the Bike & Walk Buck submittals and deadlines.
Can I submit Bike & Walk Bucks if part of my commute is riding the bus or MAX, or if some days I just walk to the bus/Max and don’t ride my bike at all? Yes.  You can use combinations of walking, biking, and transit and still be eligible for Bike & walk Bucks; however, you cannot also get a transit pass incentive.  
What if I want to bike or walk to work in the nicer months and take the bus in the Fall/Winter?   You can sign up for the monthly transit pass deduction for the rainy season and then go into SAP and cancel the pass two months in advance of switching over to Bike & Walk Bucks.  When you want to get the pass again enroll in SAP for a TriMet Monthly Pass 2 months ahead of wanting your next pass.  
What if I can’t remember if I already turned in my Bike & Walk Bucks? Contact  Payroll at x3-4385.
What are the rules for the Bike & Walk Bucks Program?   HR Administrative Rule 10.03 has a section on Bike & Walk Bucks.   

Bike shall mean any non-motorized, pedal-operated vehicle or an electric assisted bicycle with both fully operative pedals for human propulsion, electric motor with power output of no more than 1,000 watts, and a maximum speed that does not exceed 20 mph on level ground.

Walk shall mean the unassisted travel of a person by foot or use of a wheelchair by a disabled employee.

City employees are eligible for Bike and Walk Bucks after they have biked or walked to work at least 80 percent of their scheduled workdays in any one month.

City employees who use other forms of non-motorized transportation such as skateboards & skates are also eligible.

A participant is not eligible for Bike and Walk Bucks if he/she drives or rides in a car, van, or truck for any part of their bike and walk commute days. If a participant uses transit in combination with bike commuting or walking, the employee is still eligible for this benefit; however, the employee cannot also receive a transit pass subsidy.

Participants will receive $50.00 for each month they bike or walk to work at least 80 percent of the time to be added to their paychecks on a quarterly basis. Sick and vacation days are not counted against the participant. The last workdays of March, June, September and December are the quarterly deadlines for the completed Bike & Walk Bucks City of Portland Employee Commute Certificate to be submitted to Payroll in order to receive the benefit amount in the second paycheck of the following month.If employees wish to be reminded of the quarterly deadlines, they can contact Transportation to be included on an email reminder list.  The $50.00 is considered taxable income under the Federal IRS Code for all incentives.