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Onboarding (ONB) FAQ



1. What is Onboarding? And why do we need Onboarding?

Success Factors Onboarding is a digital tool to streamline your current processes when hiring a new employee. This new system simplifies the onboarding process for the candidate, administrator, and hiring manager and provides an opportunity to positively impact retention through team engagement.

2. How does NeoGov connect to Onboarding (ONB), then to Process and Forms (P&F)?

Through ­­an SAP Interface. Connections are not "instantaneous", expect to see new employees sent from NeoGov in ONB every hour starting at 9am.Data from Onboarding to P&F will be available every 15 minutes once the New Employee Step (NES) is completed and signed via DocuSign.

3. What data is transferred from NeoGov to ONB?

Data transferred from NeoGov to ONB is:

•           First, Middle Last Names,

•           Employee personal e-mail address,

•           Start date,

•           PERNR if entered,

•           Position number and position title,

•           Work location (facility number) number and name,

•           Bureau number and name,

•           Hiring manager name, PERNR and phone number.

Most information found in the first two screens of the Pre-Hire Verification (PHV) step, come from NeoGov.

NOTE: Any inaccuracies in data will be the result of human error and can impact future steps.

4. Does the hire authorization need to happen before the data can be transferred into Onboarding

Yes! This isn’t a change to the current process. The system won’t validate the data for you, verification done normally will need to continue to happen.

5. Is there a list of documents and instructions for validating the I-9 form?

The only change to the I-9 form is that it’s now online. To assist bureaus to expedite the hiring process, applicants can complete the form online prior to the start date. Documents used hasn’t changed as per the federal government. Users should review the federal instructions at:

NOTE: To assist hiring managers and ensure the City of Portland (COP) stays within federal compliance, ONB will automatically send reminders to ensure I-9 verification is completed within three days of the employees start date.

6. What if different documents for the I-9 are brought for verification on the new employee’s first day than the one the employee indicated in the Employee Forms Wizard?

The system allows you to select different documents during the Hiring Verification Step (HVS). The I-9 form will then reflect the new documents and the ONBA will sign and attest to verifying those documents.

7. Once the I-9s are completed, where are they kept? How will the bureau receive the completed I-9?

Bureau receives the I-9 electronically with the new/rehire employee’s completed forms in Employee Forms Wizard. I-9s will be stored in ONB and can be viewed for each employee, right click and select “Documents”. Bureaus can print a copy of the complete I-9 form as they need to.

8. Do the I-9 documents get moved into TRIM automatically?

No, I-9 documents will not be moved to TRIM automatically. The Bureau is ultimately responsible for this document.

9. Why do you have to click a link to review State W4, but not Federal?

ONB provides the form for the state the employee reports to be living and working in Oregon, since each form is different, SAP requires employee review form vs review panels.

10. Are new hires required to have their Social Security card for hire?

New hires are required to have a valid Social Security Number (SSN), be in the process of applying for one or, be willing to apply for one at the point they complete the NES. Also, the SSN card doesn’t have to be one of the documents used when validating the ID. Review I-9 documents at for more information.

11. Where does the SSN check happen?

This process has not changed. Validation of the SSN is not done in ONB, continue to check SAP for SSN before starting any form. P&F has an SSN check at step 1 if the employee has supplied their SSN when the form is created. If not, a name check is done in P&F step 1.  HRAR 3.03: Bureaus are responsible for administering a pre-employment crosscheck through the City's Human Capital Management system (HCM). All prospective new hires are subject to the crosscheck. Completion of the crosscheck must be verified before an offer of employment is extended. This is best practice and confirms if the employee would be a rehire and if there are any eligibility issues.

12. When selecting Electronic Statement, how does the system know what email to send the electronic pay statement notice on payday?                       

There is no connection between this selection and the employee getting an electronic statement. Bureaus should follow the current process to ensure employee gets statement in desired format.

13. For Direct Deposit, what if the new city employee will never be given a city email? What if the employee doesn’t enter an email?

Follow your bureaus existing process, an update can be made via ESS or in SAP by the OBPA. Employee e-mail address will flow over from Neo Gov and is a required field in the Pre-Hire Verification step.

14. There isn’t an option to add additional back accounts, how will that be done?

SF doesn’t allow for multiple accounts at this time. Once the employee is in SAP, they can use ESS or their OBPA can enter in SAP on their behalf.  This is the current standard process.

15. Why does the Emergency Contact section only allow one entry?   

SF doesn’t allow for additional contacts currently.  Once the employee is in SAP, they can use ESS or their OBPA can enter in SAP on their behalf.  This is the current standard process.

16. Emergency Contact Page, why does it include the employee’s medical provider?

This is the same form currently being used in paper form and as with the paper form, entering the medical provider is optional.

17. Where will the Emergency Contact Information be kept?

The information is the same information captured in the current paper New Employee form.  Emergency information will get to SAP same as current process and available to bureaus.

18. New Employee Form only allows two options for Male/Female.

SAP standard delivery page, this can not be updated at this time and must align with the data collected in NeoGov and SAP. Verbiage was added to the top of this panel to explain.

19. What if the candidate isn't responsive, who's responsible for contacting the employee?

Onboarding will send reminders to the employee every 2 days until the NES is complete. Follow your bureaus current process.

20. How will the onboarding process be affected if the new employee delays filling out the paperwork until after the start date?

All steps will then be delayed and would need to be carried out at that point. All steps can be performed after the employee’s start date. Obviously, this is not a desirable scenario, but may happen.

21. How do bureaus monitor the process/steps?

Bureau Admin Roles can view the process and where each employee is at in the process via the Onboarding dashboard.

22. What if there is a last-minute hire that I need to make with a hire date of 1-2 days prior to their start date. Can I still use SF Onboarding?

Onboarding can be used with a start date in the past. All steps can be performed after the employee’s start date. Obviously, this is not a desirable scenario, but may happen.

23. Will Success Factors send prompts if the employee doesn’t fill out the paperwork?

Reminders are sent every 2 days until the process is completed.

24. If an employee needs one-on-one help, who will provide help and what computers/logins are used?

Follow your bureaus current process for contacting employees and helping them through the hiring process. We’re looking into adding bureau contact information to the employees Welcome Letter for a future ONB phase.

25. The building number provided to the new employee doesn’t give building name or address.

This would be included in the employee offer letter handled outside ONB.

26. Can another person be listed instead of the hiring manager?

Yes, the ONBA can list themselves and their PERNR and will be assigned Hiring Manager tasks.

Note: If the PERNR is enter incorrectly, you'll need to contact BHR or EBS for help.

27. Will it be possible to create an account without using NEOGOV?     

Onboarding can be used by New Hires and Rehires. A future ONB phase will include Cross boarding, which is for transfer hires where this field will also be used.

28. Why are the following fields editable? Bureau, New Hire Position, and Job Title.

These fields are editable to allow an employee to be added to Onboarding, outside of the Neo Gov data process. In that scenario, all data must be entered manually by the ONBA.  The Bureau may also desire to add working titles matching the position as advertised. 

Note: It is critical that this information is entered accurately to prevent delays in the process.

29. Why is there an employee PERNR field for new hires?

Onboarding can be used by New Hires and Rehires. A future ONB phase will include Cross boarding, which is for transfer hires where this field will also be used.

30. Is the Username for the new hire the same as the username they will use to log into their City computers?

No, the user name and password are for the new employee to access Onboarding New Employee Step and will not be used for City access. The process for assignment of user name for City computer access remains unchanged.

31. Is the drivers license field required for the new employee

Whether the employee is required to enter this is determined in the previous step in the PHVS step by the bureau. If so, the information will be requested from the Employee during the New employee Step.

32. As an Administrator, how will I know when a new hire has been assigned to me?

The system will automatically send a notification to a distribution list for Bureau administrators. At that point, any Bureau administrator can assign themselves the new hire.

33. How can administrators view information entered by new hires?

ONBAs can view the information entered by new hires using the “View at a Glance” feature. Or, view all documents and included data in the “document” section, once the process is completed.

34. Why can’t each bureau have their own customizable Hiring Checklist?

This is unavailable at this time as each bureau would have to have their own system and interface. Due to current resources, we cannot accommodate this request at this time.

35. Why can’t new hires select other races if Hispanic is the preference?

The form is setup to meet Federal EEO requirements for reporting.

36. Why aren’t the Critical HRARs included in SF Onboarding?

This remains an activity for the first day of work. 

37. Is the sender of the e-mail customizable so that it states “City of Portland” instead of SF Onboard?

No, we cannot change the name of the sender at this time.

38. When the manager schedules meetings for the new hires, will these meetings automatically upload into the new hire’s work e-mail Outlook calendar?

Since the meetings will be sent to the new hire’s personal e-mail address, the meeting appointments will not upload into the Outlook calendar on the work e-mail.

39. Are PMGM and Onboarding connected through Success Factors?

Yes, there will be a link closer to go live for PMGM. In future updates, the Hiring Manager will be reminded to discuss goals with the new employee to start the PMGM process.

40. I am a ONBA (onboarding administrator). How does that differ from the role of the Hiring Manager?

There are two checklists of responsibilities: one for ONBA’s, and one for Hiring Managers.

41. Why isn’t Spanish available in Onboarding?

Upon further review the Spanish version of Onboarding is not being made available in order to be compatible with other citywide systems of record.

42. Can Onboarding be used for Inter-bureau transfer hires?

No.  This is called Cross-boarding and will be implemented in a later phase of this project.

43. What does “Waiting on O” stand for on the Onboarding dashboard?

It stands for “Waiting for Others” to complete their actions.  If you are utilizing a large screen you may see the full title, if not then you only see the “Waiting for O”.

44. Why does nothing happen if I click on an employee’s name at the New Employee Step?

Because that step is to be carried out by the employee, ONBA's do not have access to "take" that task or process the employee at that step. ONBA's can only process the Pre-Hire Verification and Hire Verification steps (and Hiring Manager activities if necessitated by your Bureau business process).

45.  f a manager goes into Onboarding, will they be able to see all their employees that are onboarded through this process, or are they only able to view the employees assigned to them?

On the hiring manager’s dashboard, hiring managers can see all employees from all bureaus in the City.  Hiring managers are not able to view personal information or documents for any employee within Onboarding.  To view employees in their bureaus, hiring managers can filter the employees in their bureau.

46.  Is there a way to see the ONB Key in the ONB Admin interface?  The only way this appears is to view it through the email notification.

There is no way to see the ONB key in Onboarding. It is only visible in the e-mail and in P&F. That is because ONB and P&F are not designed to “talk to” each other. We created a mechanism for data to transfer to P&F and customizing ONB to show the key is not possible.

47.   Who receives the notification containing the ONB key (all individuals)?

P&F Initiators for the appropriate Bureau.

48.  Do you know if the start date (and any other data) if changed in ONB is sent back and changed in NeoGov?

No, we are not sending data from ONB to Neo Gov. There is an integration in Neo Gov for position number, but that is during the requisition process and it is just that field.

49.  Can you confirm if I-9 documents (or other docs) stay in Document Center indefinitely? If so, what is the mechanism to purge or archive?

The documents stay in the Document Center until we purge them.  By default, documents are not purged, but you can turn on purge and create a rule to purge out documents.