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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

BTS HelpDesk: 503-823-5199

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1111, Portland, OR 97204

List of OBPAs

Updated: 11-2-21

Bureau OBPA Email
Attorney Christy Pierce
Attorney Crystine Jividen
BOEC Megan Crowder
City Auditor Amanda Lamb
City Auditor Andrew Bryans
City Budget Office Jane Marie Ford
City Budget Office Josie Chavez
Civic Life Icie Ta
Civic Life KrisAnn Washington
Civic Life Michael Kersting
Civic Life Pollyanne Birge
Comm #2 Margaux Weeke
Comm #3 Lyne Martin
Comm #4 Adam Lyons
Comm #4 Jackson Pahl
Comm #4 Michelle Rodriguez
Community Technology Michael Wong
Development Services Barbara Elwess
Development Services Brian Padian
Development Services Chloe Massarello
Development Services Kathy Robertson
Development Services Kendall Rudolph
Development Services Oretha Storey
Development Services Sara Flores Garduno
Emergency Communications Ayanna Curry
Emergency Communications Denise Willey
Emergency Communications Keren Ceballos
Emergency Management Daire Elliott
Environmental Services Cinthia Diaz Calvo
Environmental Services Lynne Casey
Environmental Services Pam Mavis
Environmental Services Shavon McKinstry
Environmental Services Sheryl Hicks
Environmental Services Sophia Batroukh
Equity & Human Rights Office Kapuanani Foster
Equity & Human Rights Office Koffi Dessou
Equity & Human Rights Office Yolanda Sanchez-Marquez
Fire and Rescue Anna DiBenedetto
Fire and Rescue Kezia Wanner
Fire and Rescue Onessia Elliott
FPDR Jennifer Sprando
FPDR Kimberly Mitchell
FPDR Stacy Jones
Government Relations Susan Dietz
Housing Letimya Clayton
Housing Norma Trujillo
Housing Stella Martinez
Mayor Cody Bowman
Mayor Hayley Blonsley
OMF-BTS Amy Tuttle
OMF-BTS Elsa Kaufman
OMF-BTS Terri Krueger
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Amelia Hicks
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Angel James
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Gennie Nguyen
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs JR Lilly
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Paul Stewart
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Scott Karter
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Tyler Wallace
OMF-CAO Aaron Rivera
OMF-CAO Angela Tran
OMF-CAO Annalyn Feliciano
OMF-CAO Ashley Blakemore
OMF-CAO Delphine Bedient
OMF-CAO Diana Shiplet
OMF-CAO Michelle Ladd
OMF-CAO Robin Parker
OMF-CAO Saffy Chan
OMF-Human Resources Daylen Lawrence
OMF-Human Resources Emily Craig
OMF-Human Resources Natasha Eberth
OMF-Human Resources Ramay Lewis-Dansby
Parks Claudio Campuzano
Parks Kelly Taylor
Parks Krystin Castro
Parks Veronica Arenas Marshall
Planning and Sustainability Chris Dornan
Planning and Sustainability Fritz Johnson
Police April Simmons
Police Cheryl Harding
Police Corinne Smith
Police Elizabeth Gallagher
Police Jae Nakanishi
Police Jennie Alexander
Police Kathryn Linzey
Police Ken Lee
Police LeAnn Barnett
Police Lisa Dunn
Police Nathan Leamy
Police Ryan Wojcicki
Police Sarah Galeai
Police Sundee Hamrick
Police Vanessa Mathis
Portland Children's Levy John Kelly
Transportation Beth Van Aernem
Transportation Corinne Kotter
Transportation Erin Lake
Transportation Gabriela Bermudez
Transportation Judy Baker-Johnson
Transportation Kellie Le
Transportation Michael Cattaneo
Transportation Shivon Nolan
Water Crystal Smith
Water Linda Curtis
Water Shanita Gills