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Public Safety Network Infrastructure Analysis

On March 10, 2011, PSSRP in conjunction with Purvis Systems Inc. completed an in-depth assessment of the City of Portland's public safety network infrastructure. Purvis Systems, a company with an excellent reputation in public safety service, was hired through a competitive Request For Proposals (RFP) process. Six vendors (including Purvis Systems) responded: Purvis Systems, LR Kimball, Sparling, SecureState, Prostructure, and IBM. 

From the six respondents a panel of four evaluations rated the responses in six areas:

  1. Project Team (40 points) - qualifications and experience of the people proposed to manage the vendor's project commitments.
  2. Capabilities (80 points) - of the people, company, and technology being used.
  3. Project Approach (100 points) - the manner in which the vendor would approach this project. Management methodology, reporting mechanisms, communication strategy, etc.
  4. Diversity (60 points) - vendor's strategy for promoting a healthy, diverse workforce, specifically focusing on minority and female employees. 
  5. Cost (60 points) - overall proposed costs.
  6. Supplemental Information (60) - references regarding similar worked performed.

Through this evaluation, Purvis Systems was awarded the contract with City of Portland.

What did they do?

The City of Portland tasked Purvis with doing an assessment of its Public Safety Network Infrastructure. This included everything from physical components, to network routing, to trust relationships between systems/networks. 

Why did they do it?

As more critical public safety systems are either updated or implemented in the City, the reliance on our City's network will continue to expand. Prior to go-live of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) project, PSSRP wanted to ensure that the City's network was prepared to handle the demands that system, as well as future systems, would put on it.

What did Purvis Systems and PSSRP find?

Read the report here! For security reasons, this version of the report has been redacted to exclude information critical to the safety of our network and public safety systems.

What did this project cost?

The total cost for this project was $69,500. This project was completed on time, and on budget.

Have questions about this project? Email Karl Larson ( for more information.