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Incident Connect

The Incident Connect subproject is one of several projects included in the City of Portland’s Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program (PSSRP) portfolio.

This project consists of three separate, but equally important tasks:

  1. Design and implement the "WebEOC Interface" that will transmit data from the Bureau of Emergency Communication's (BOEC) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to the Bureau of Emergency Management's (PBEM) Web Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC. By creating this link, the process in which critical event data is populated into WebEOC will be automated and streamlined. This will save time and personnel focus for PBEM, thus allowing them to focus on the event, rather than the data.
  2. Design and implement the "Media Feed", thus restoring an interface that existed with the BOEC's previous CAD system. During cut-over to the new CAD system, a link which automatically gathered and disseminated flagged 911 data to local media outlets was severed due to incompatibility with the new system. With the new system operational and stable, resources can now be used to reinstate this link.
  3. Design and implement the "Open Data Initiative Feed". As with the Media Feed, this previously existing interface was incompatible with BOEC's new CAD system and needs replacing. Much in the way the Media Feed with gather information, this interface will provide public outlets flagged 911 data for consumption and development purposes.


The WebEOC interface was completed in November of 2012. The Media Feed and Open Data Initiative Interfaces are scheduled to launch in early February, 2013.

What will this project cost?

This project is estimated to cost $68,000. 

Have questions about this project? Email Marlene Holiday ( for more information.