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Office of Management & Finance

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 503-823-5288

1120 SW 5th Ave, Room 1250, Portland, OR 97204

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List of OBPAs

Bureau OBPA E-Mail
Attorney Kim Sneath
City Auditor Andrew Bryans
City Auditor Colleen Phillips
City Auditor Sarah Landis
City Budget Office Sarah Diffenderfer
Comm #2 Asena Lawrence
Comm #3 Lyne Martin
Comm #4 Erika Nebel
Development Services Peggy Delay
Development Services Barbara Elwess
Development Services Greg Supriano
Development Services Kathy Robertson
Emergency Communications Angela Tran
Emergency Communications Denise Willey
Emergency Communications Victoria Duffey
Emergency Management Daire Elliott
Emergency Management Keren Ceballos
Environmental Services Emily Grey (has role for reports only; is not an OBPA)
Environmental Services Lynne Casey
Environmental Services Pam Mavis
Environmental Services Sophia AbuDakar
Environmental Services Sheryl Hicks
Equity & Human Rights Office Koffi Dessou
Equity & Human Rights Office Piset Sao
Fire and Rescue Kaily Schmidt
Fire and Rescue Miranda Rossetto
Fire and Rescue Onessia Elliott
FPDR Stacy Jones
FPDR Jennifer Sprando
FPDR Kimberly Mitchell
FPDR Nancy Hartline
Government Relations Chido Dhliwayo
Government Relations Carey Pfaffle
Housing Letimya Clayton
Housing Stella Martinez
Housing Sawyer Sheldon
Mayor Mustafa Washington
Mayor Nicole Grant
Neighborhood Involvement Amy Archer
Neighborhood Involvement Michael Kersting
OMF-BIBS Katy Schnoor
OMF-BTS Elsa Kaufman
OMF-BTS Amy Tuttle
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Katy Schnoor
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Kimberely Patterson
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Diana Marshall
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Scott Karter
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Terri Williams
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Luu Huynh
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Meghann Fertal
OMF-Bureau of Rev & Fin Svcs Shelli Tompkins
OMF-CAO Sharon Wolf
OMF-CAO Kimberely Patterson
OMF-CAO Katy Schnoor
OMF-Human Resources Natasha Cavender
OMF-Human Resources Emily Craig
Parks Cierra Maceo
Parks Diana Fielitz
Parks Jeff Shaffer
Parks Karen Burnett
Parks Krystin Castro
Parks Kelly Taylor
Parks Glenn Raschke
Parks Shelley Pendergrass
Parks Vimmi Nandakumar
Planning and Sustainability Anthea Tan
Planning and Sustainability Chris Dornan
Planning and Sustainability Jessica Yang
Police Elizabeth Gardiner
Police Brett Williamson
Police Crystal Viuhkola
Police Deena Clark
Police Helen Lafong
Police Jae Nakanishi
Police Jennie Alexander
Police Lisa Dunn
Police Tazuko Daniels
Police Rachel Stansbury
Police Ryan Wojcicki
Police Sundee Hamrick
Police Valerie Crumley
Transportation Antonina Zaytseva
Transportation Clarissa Atay
Transportation Debbie Khoja
Water Linda Curtis
Water Teri Halverson
Water Valerie Joerger

Updated:  07.11.16