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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Chapter 12.08 Executive Responsibility

12.08.010 Mayor and Successor to Mayor.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City of Portland.  If the Mayor, for any reason, is unable or unavailable to perform the duties of office under this Code during a state of emergency, the duties shall be performed by:

A.        The president of the Council;

B.        The available Council member who has most recently served as President of the Council;

C.        The available Council member holding the position with the lowest number.

The powers of the successor to the Mayor shall be limited to those granted under this Code and duration of succession shall be until such time as the Mayor is able and available to perform the duties of office.

12.08.020 Authority.

The measure for and declaration of air pollution emergency episodes is in the Department of Environmental Quality of the State of Oregon, hereinafter referred to as DEQ or other designated regional authority as may lawfully replace DEQ.  Based upon the type of declaration that is issued, the Mayor, on behalf of the City, shall take the appropriate procedure as set forth in Chapter 12.16.  Once the procedure has been instituted, it shall remain in effect until terminated by the measuring and declaring authority.  The air pollution emergency episodes consist of three levels designated as:

A.        Air pollution condition ALERT,

B.        Air pollution condition WARNING, and

C.        Air pollution condition EMERGENCY.

12.08.030 Traffic Control Area Defined.

As used in this Chapter, the traffic control areas shall be within the following boundaries: downtown Portland, West Burnside on the north, S.W. Clay on the south, S.W. Front on the east, and S.W. 13th Street on the west; Lloyd Center area, N.E. Weidler Street on the north, N.E. Holladay Street on the south, N.E. 16th Avenue on the east, and N.E. Grand Avenue on the west.

12.08.040 Authorized Vehicles Defined.

(Added by Ordinance No. 138468, effective July 3, 1974.)  As used in the Chapter, authorized vehicles shall be as follows and as defined in Chapter 16.90 Vehicles and Traffic, of the Code of the City of Portland:

A.        Authorized emergency vehicles;

B.        Commercial vehicles;

C.        Motor bus;

D.        School bus;

E.         Taxicab.