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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Chapter 13.10 General Animal Regulations

- Note

(Chapter substituted by Ordinance No. 166281, effective February 24, 1993.)

13.10.010 Roosters Prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to harbor, keep, possess, breed, or deal in roosters in the City of Portland.  The provisions of this Section shall not be construed to prohibit the possession of roosters for commercial purposes.

13.10.015 Certain Exotic Animal Prohibited; Exceptions.

(Repealed by Ordinance No. 172635, effective September 25, 1998.)

13.10.020 Swine Not Allowed in City; Exceptions.

A. It is unlawful to have or to keep within the limits of the City any live pigs or swine for a longer period than 3 days.

B. Notwithstanding the above, or the terms of Chapter 13.05, the having or keeping of swine commonly referred to as Miniature Vietnamese, Chinese or Oriental pot-bellied pigs (sus scrofa vittatus) is allowed, subject to the following:

1. Any pig or swine shall be considered to fall within this exception if its maximum height is no greater than 18 inches at the shoulder and it weighs no more than 95 pounds.

2. No more than three Miniature Vietnamese, Chinese or Oriental pot-bellied pigs shall be kept at any one address for any period in excess of 3 days.

13.10.030 Permits to Kill Birds Damaging Private Property.

Whenever any person has been given written permission by a state or federal agency, with the proper authority, to kill birds which are damaging private property, the Chief of Police shall, upon presentation of such written permit, grant authority to the person named in a written permit to kill birds within the corporate limits of the City.  No permit shall be issued by the Chief of Police to any person to kill birds which are damaging private property within the City, unless such person has first been given a written permit by a duly authorized state or federal agency.

13.10.040 Sale and Display of Artificially Colored Fowl and Rabbits and Certain Fowls as Pets.

A.  It is unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, keep, or display for the purpose of sale or advertising, or otherwise, any chicks or rabbits under two months of age which have been artificially colored or dyed.
B.  It is unlawful for any person to advertise, display, sell, or offer for sale, barter or otherwise deliver to the public as pets or novelties, any live chicks, ducklings, goslings, poults, or other fowl under two months of age.  The provisions of this Subsection shall not be construed as prohibiting the advertising, display or sale of any such chicks, ducklings, goslings, poults, or other fowl, for commercial purposes.  The sale of any of the above fowl as pets or novelties shall not be considered a commercial purpose under this Subsection.

13.10.050 Animals Must Be Properly Shod.

It is unlawful for any person owning or having the care, custody or control of, or driving any horse, mule, or other large animal used for the purpose of driving or hauling, to permit or allow any such animal to be driven upon any of the streets, avenues or highways of the City unless such animal is shod in such manner as will prevent or tend with reasonable certainty to prevent it from slipping or damaging the street surface.