Chapter 3.04 Subpoena Powers

3.04.010 Power Granted by Charter - Witness Duties and Rights.

For the purpose of compelling the attendance of witnesses or the production of books, documents or other evidence as authorized by the Charter, the Mayor, or the Auditor when directed by the Council or by a committee duly authorized thereto, may cause a subpoena to be issued under his hand and the seal of the City and may cause the subpoena to be served by a police officer.  The manner of service and the witness fees and mileage to be paid shall be the same as are now or as may be prescribed by State law for witnesses in the Circuit Court of the State for Multnomah County.  It is unlawful for any person so subpoenaed and served to neglect or refuse to attend at the proper time and place and to bring with him or her such book or books document or documents, or other objects mentioned in the subpoena, or, having done so, to refuse or neglect to answer such questions as may be applicable to the matter under investigation or to exhibit such portions of such book or books, document or documents, or other thing as may pertain thereto; provided, that such witness shall not be required to answer any question or to act in violation of his rights under the constitutions of the State or of the United States.