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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Chapter 21.04 Definitions

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(Chapter replaced by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.)

21.04.010 Administrator.

For the purposes of this Code, Administrator refers to the person in charge of the Portland Water Bureau, or the Administrator's designee.

21.04.020 Applicant.

The party applying for water or water related services.

21.04.030 Backflow Assembly Installation Requirements.

Standards developed by the Bureau, consistent with the administrative rules of the State of Oregon, which guide the approval of backflow prevention assembly installation.

21.04.040 Backflow Prevention Assembly.

An approved assembly which prevents water that has been delivered to a property from flowing back into the City water distribution system (premise isolation) or from reversal of flow within premise piping (point of hazard isolation).

21.04.050 Base Charge

A daily fixed charge. For fire line service, the charge will be based on the size of the metered connection.

21.04.060 Billing Period.

The time between two consecutive meter reading dates or such other time period used for billing purposes.

21.04.070 Bureau.

The Portland Water Bureau (Water Bureau or Bureau of Water Works), being the official agency of the City of Portland that supplies water to the City and administers the sale of water outside the City.

21.04.080 Chief Engineer.

The Chief Engineer is a Licensed Professional Engineer in charge of the Bureau engineering staff. The Chief Engineer, or the Chief Engineer's designee, is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and enforcing engineering and technical standards for design and construction of the water system.

21.04.090 Commissioner-in-Charge.

The elected member of the Portland City Council responsible for the supervision and control of the affairs and property of the Bureau, as authorized in Chapter 2 of The Charter of the City of Portland.

21.04.100 Distribution Mains.

Water pipelines located in streets, public ways, or private rights-of-way or easements which convey potable water to service connections and hydrants.

21.04.110 Main Extension.

The extension of water distribution mains beyond previously existing facilities.

21.04.120 Premises.

Integrated land area including improvements thereon undivided by public thoroughfares and under single or common ownership where all parts of the premises are operated under the same management.

21.04.130 Ratepayer.

Any party legally responsible for payment of water or water related service supplied by the Bureau in accordance with established rates and charges.

21.04.140 Rates.

The rates or amounts fixed by the annual water rate ordinance of the Portland City Council to be charged for water service supplied by the Bureau.

21.04.150 Service Branch.

An unused service pipe from the distribution main to the future meter location.

21.04.160 Service Connection.

The pipe or tubing, fittings, and valves necessary to conduct water from the distribution main to and through the meter and to the property line. Where the water service meter is on private property, service connection is the pipe or tubing, fittings, and valves necessary to conduct water from the distribution main to and through the meter and the angle meter coupling on service connections of 1-inch or less and through the downstream meter valve on service connections of more than 1-inch.

21.04.170 System Development Charge.

A charge imposed upon each new service connection and on increases in the size of old connections within the City limits.

21.04.180 Volume Rates.

A variable charge which appears on the water bill based on the amount of water used per 100 cubic feet, or fraction thereof.

21.04.190 Water User Charges

Charges billed to ratepayers for water usage, including but not limited to, water volume and base charges.

21.04.200 Wholesale Distributor.

Any water district, city, water company, association, or other agency that purchases water from the City on a wholesale basis for further distribution or sale.