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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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Chapter 21.20 Turning On Or Shutting Off

21.20.010 Application To Turn On Water.

Applications to turn on water must be signed by the owner and agent of the property involved and must be filed with the Bureau before they become effective.

21.20.020 Temporary Shut Off.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 179978, 180917 and 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) An owner or tenant may request by telephone, in writing, or in person that the Bureau temporarily discontinue water service. Fire protection service may only be discontinued upon written request of the owner and approved by Portland Fire & Rescue. Base charges will continue during temporary shut off.

21.20.030 Unlawful To Turn On Water Without Authority

It is unlawful to use or permit use of City water through a service that has been shut off.

Should the water be turned on without authority from the Bureau, the Bureau may stop water service either by shutting off the water at the main, by removing the meter, or by any other appropriate method.

The charge for removing the meter and the charge for replacing the meter shall be in accordance with the annual water rate ordinance. The charge for stopping water service by any other method and the charge for subsequent restoring of the water service, shall be as provided in the Title of the City Code which addresses finance regulations. All such charges shall be charged to the user and when the delinquent user occupies the premises, water shall not again be furnished to the premises until the charges are paid.

21.20.040 Charges for Service Pipes Connected Without Permit.

When premises or additional premises are connected without the application prescribed in Section 21.20.010 "Application to Turn On Water." the premises may be charged as prescribed in the annual schedule of water rates and the service may be shut off by order of the Administrator. In case water shall be turned off as provided in this Section, the same shall not be turned on again until all rates and charges against the premises have been paid in full.

21.20.050 Authority To Shut Off Service.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) The Bureau reserves the right at any time, without notice, to shut off the water supply for repairs, extensions or any other reason. The Bureau shall not be responsible for any damage, such as the bursting of boilers, the breaking of any pipes or fixtures, stoppage, or interruption of water supply, or any other damage resulting from the shutting off of the water.