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Chapter 26.04 Permits

26.04.010 Permit Required.

A.  An electrical permit shall be obtained prior to commencing any work for which an electrical permit is required.

EXCEPTION: Emergency or unanticipated electrical work may be started under a temporary permit provided the nature of the work, and the procedure followed by the contractor, meet the requirements of ORS 479.550 and OAR 918-309-0080.

B.  Electrical permits are not required for the following electrical installations:

1.  Work performed under a valid electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program in accordance with OAR Chapter 918 and Chapter 26.08 of this Title;

2.  Work defined as a minor installation in OAR Chapter 918 for which a minor label has been obtained from the Bureau;

3.  Repair or replacement of light fixtures, light switches, lighting ballast, electrical outlets or smoke detectors in a building used for housing purposes that is owned, leased, managed or operated by a housing authority;

4.  Repair, alteration or replacement of existing electrical products at an industrial plant, a commercial office building, a building that is owned, leased, managed or operated by the state or a local government entity or other facilities designated by the Electrical and Elevator Board when the owner, operating manager or electrical contractor of the facility who meets the provisions of ORS 479.630(1) and (2) obtains a master permit for inspection under ORS 479.560(3).

5.  Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or approved fuses, or connecting approved portable electrical equipment to permanently installed and properly wired receptacles;

6.  Experimental electrical work or testing of electrical products in testing laboratories of electric shops, educational institutions, industrial plans, or recognized testing laboratories;

7.  Installing heating, ventilating, air conditioning and/or refrigeration components exempted by OAR 918-261-0020, Exemption for HVAC/R Electrical Components.

8.  Any other work exempted from permit requirements under ORS and OAR.

26.04.020 Electrical Permit Application.

Applications for electrical permits shall be made on forms furnished by the Bureau.  For one and two family dwellings, the electrical subcontractor inspection sticker shall be considered part of the application form.  The applicant shall provide all information required in a complete and legible manner.  The application shall be signed by the appropriate person as required by OAR.  Permit fees and/or plan review fees shall be paid at the time of application.  Failure to properly complete the permit application may result in a delay or prevention of permit issuance until required information has been submitted.

EXCEPTION: Any jurisdiction’s electrical permit application may be used for temporary permits (see Section 26.04.070) as long as fees are paid in accordance with Title 26.

26.04.030 Permit to Owner.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 179125, effective April 1, 2005.) A permit to perform electrical work in or about a residential or farm building may be issued to the owner of that building, subject to the following conditions:

A. All wiring shall be installed in accordance with the Electrical Code and this Title.

B. All work done under such permit shall be performed by the owner or by a member of the immediate family of the owner as defined in the OAR.

C. The owner does not intend to sell, exchange, lease or rent the property. If the Director determines that the property is offered for sale, exchange, lease or rent within 6 months of final approval of permitted work, this shall create a rebuttable presumption that the owner intended to offer the property for sale, exchange, lease or rent at the time the permit was issued. In such case the Director may assess a penalty of up to $500.

D. If any of the above conditions are not met, the permit may be revoked in accordance with Section 26.04.090.

26.04.040 Plans and Specifications.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955, 179125 and 181359, effective November 16, 2007.)

AInstallations Requiring Plan Review.  Plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Director for all complex structures as set forth in OAR 918-311-0040 (1), cert ef. 10-01-06. 

B.  Submittal Requirements: When plan review is either required or requested, prior to the issuance of a building permit, two sets of electrical plans and specifications providing the information as prescribed by the Director shall be filed with the Electrical Section, Bureau of Development Serivces.  Plans shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work proposed.

26.04.050 Permit Issuance.

When the Director finds that the work described in the permit application, plans and specifications and other data filed therewith conforms to all requirements of this Title, that the electrical permit application has been signed as required, and that the specified fees have been paid, the Bureau shall issue an electrical permit to the applicant.  All permits issued shall be subject to the following conditions:

A.  Plans, specifications and other data approved at permit issuance shall not be altered without the Director’s authorization.

B.  All work shall be done in accordance with approved plans.

C.  The issuance of a permit and/or approval of plans and specifications shall not prevent the Director from thereafter requiring the correction of errors or omissions in plans, specifications, other data, actual electrical work or installations when in violation of this Title or other laws and ordinances.

26.04.060 Partial Permits.

The permit for an electrical installation requiring plan review will not be issued, nor may work proceed, until the plans are approved by an electrical plan examiner.  However, the Director may authorize the issuance of a partial permit before the entire plans and specifications are submitted or approved.  Adequate information shall be submitted showing the areas of work to be covered by the partial permit and compliance with pertinent portions of the Electrical Code.  Applicants will be notified in writing of which portions of the work may proceed and of the conditions under which work may proceed.  Issuance of a partial permit, or authorization to commence an installation, shall not constitute assurance to the applicant that a permit on the entire installation will be issued, or that corrections will not be required on the portions of the installation granted preliminary authorization.

26.04.070 Temporary Permits.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)  The Bureau will issue temporary permits for emergency electrical work or unanticipated electrical work as those terms are defined in and pursuant to OAR 918-309-0080, provided all of the requirements in OAR 918-309-0080 are met.  Temporary permits will only be issued to licensed electrical contractors.  Temporary permits are valid for 7 days.
When work is done under a temporary permit, the permit application and fees must either be received by the Bureau within 7 calendar days of the start of work, or, if mailed, be postmarked within 7 calendar days of the start of work.

26.04.080 Life of Permit Limited.

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 174880; amended by Ordinance Nos. 187432 and 188647, effective November 17, 2017.) If no inspection approval has taken place within six months after permit issuance, the permit shall become void, and no further electrical work shall be done at the premises until a new permit has been secured and a new fee paid.  Each time an inspection approval is granted, the permit shall be deemed to be automatically extended for six months, until final approval is granted.  The Director may extend a permit for one period of six months upon finding that the permittee was unable to commence or continue work for reasons beyond the permittee’s control.  Extension requests shall be in writing and must be received by the Director before the permit expiration date.  If an inspection approval has not been granted within this extended time period, the permit shall be void.  A permit that has been expired for six months or less may be renewed provided no changes have been made in the original plans and specifications for such work.  No permit may be renewed if it has been expired for more than six months.  A permit may be renewed only once.  If an inspection approval has not been granted within the time period of permit renewal the permit shall be void.  The renewal fee shall be one half the amount required for a new electrical permit.

26.04.090 Permit Suspension or Revocation.

The Director may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under requirements of this Title whenever the permit is issued in error, or on the basis of incorrect information supplied, or in violation of any law, ordinance, or requirement of this Title.