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Chapter 25.09 Conversion or Abandonment of Nonconforming Sewers

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(Chapter added by Ordinance No. 185694, effective November 23, 2012.)

25.09.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this Chapter is to transfer from the Bureau of Development Services to the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) certain regulatory authority over nonconforming sewers, as that term is defined in Chapter 17.33.

25.09.020 Authority of the Bureau of Environmental Services to Regulate by Administrative Rule.

The Director of BES may adopt, amend, repeal and enforce administrative rules and procedures pertaining to nonconforming sewers as provided by Titles 3, 17 and 22.

25.09.030 Authority of the Bureau of Environmental Services to Require Information.

BES may require owners of properties connected to nonconforming sewers to submit photographic or plumbing records or other evidence as it deems appropriate.

25.09.040 Damaged Nonconforming Sewer as Nuisance.

A damaged nonconforming sewer is deemed a nuisance. Subject to Title 22, BES may abate such nuisances and recover any costs incurred thereby through the assessment of liens against properties served by the nonconforming sewers. 

25.09.050 Equal Responsibility for Repair and Nuisance Abatement.

The owner of each property connected to a damaged nonconforming sewer is proportionally liable for all costs of repair of the sewer, all costs associated with any City abatement efforts, and all penalties for violations of this Code.

25.09.060 Participation of the Bureau of Development Services in Appeals.

Appeals of BES requirements pertaining to nonconforming sewers will be processed in conjunction with the Bureau of Development Services Board of Appeal.