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BIT-3.02 - Disposal of Information Technology Equipment

Administrative Rule Adopted by Council

Section 1 - Introduction
As Information Technology hardware becomes obsolete or unserviceable, it shall be disposed of in a socially responsible and environmentally sound manner, and (where applicable) removed from the City’s fixed asset inventory.

Section 2 - Administrative Rule

IT hardware that is no longer needed, cannot be used elsewhere in the organization, or is no longer cost-effectively serviceable, may be disposed of in one of three ways:
  • State Surplus - Decommissioned machines - retired from service with all licensed software (those not required to remain with the machine) and files completely removed - may be sent to the State of Oregon for disposal as surplus.
  • Donation to non-profit organizations - Decommissioned City IT equipment -retired from service with all licensed programs (those not required to remain with the machine) files, and City of Portland identification removed- may be donated to a 501c3 non-profit organization with written permission of the donating Bureau's Director. The donation shall be documented, and shall include environmentally sound disposal of the equipment, and indemnification of the City from any further responsibility for the equipment, as written conditions of the donation.
  • Discard - Send discarded items to a facility appropriately licensed for disposal or recycling of IT hardware as identified by BIT in collaboration with the Office of Sustainable Development.
Any proceeds from the sale of disposed IT assets will be used to offset the cost of replacing IT assets.

Section 3 -Responsibility
BIT is responsible for determining obsolescence and the decommissioning of all corporately owned IT hardware.
BIT is responsible for the disposal of obsolete corporately owned IT hardware.
Bureaus are responsible for disposal of all bureau owned IT hardware.

Ordinance No. 177048
Passed by Council November 6, 2002. Effective November 6, 2002.