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BTS-4.03 - Data Backup

Administrative Rule Adopted by Council

Data backup is a process that stores redundant copies of electronic files and data from hard disk to a separate storage environment, usually through the use of removable media, such as tape. The redundant copies of files are used or “recovered” when the original files are damaged or accidentally deleted. Any new files or files that have changed since the last backup are copied to the separate storage environment to assist in immediate restoration if data is lost.
Computer data obtained or generated while conducting City business are City property and represent a significant investment of time and financial resources.
The purpose of this policy is to define requirements and expectations with regards to Data Backup services provided by the Bureau of Technology Services (BTS)

Administrative Rule
BTS shall backup City data on systems or network storage devices according to the backup procedures developed by BTS personnel in support of requirements as defined by the Business System Owners and Data Custodians. Backup procedures will address the business needs of City’s Bureaus and Offices and follow established standards. Deviation from the standard backup schedule, duration of historical data retention (such as required by public records archival rules or bureau specific needs), backup media and other established standards must be properly justified.
The backup of sensitive or confidential data shall be subject to BTS Rule 2.05: ENCRYPTION.
Backup media must be properly stored to protect electronic data from damage and/or theft. All backup media containing “full” copies of data must be stored at a secure off-site location unless an exception has been granted by the CTO. Under no circumstances shall backup media be stored at non-City facilities.
In general practice, personal desktop/laptop computers and portable computing devices are not supported by BTS backup services and therefore should not be used to store sensitive, confidential or critical data.
Please note that non-standard backup and retention schedules or backup of personal desktop/laptop computers or personal computing devices may be subject to additional BTS materials and service bill-back charges.

Bureau of Technology Services
BTS staff shall conduct regular backups of data systems as per industry best practices and in accordance with City business and legal requirements.
BTS staff shall maintain documentation of backup procedures including:
• Identification of individuals and alternates responsible for carrying out backup and restore tasks
• The frequency of backups and data retention schedules
• Identification of the location for the proper storage of backup media and methods for transport
• Identification of circumstances requiring review and/or modification of the procedure
Bureaus and Individual Users
Responsible for preserving work to a BTS supported and backed up network storage location. BTS will provide appropriate technology and training where necessary to accomplish related tasks.
Responsible for defining appropriate retention schedules in support of business need and legal requirements. Note: Records Retention and Disposition Schedules governing information technology are promulgated by the City Auditor’s Office and can be found at

Originally published as PPD number ARC-BIT-2.10, authorized by Ordinance No. 177048, passed by Council and effective November 6, 2002.
Revised by Ordinance No. 179999 passed by Council March 15, 2006 and effective April 14, 2006.
Re-indexed by Auditor as PPD number ARC-BTS-4.03.