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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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2.08.070 Filing by Declaration of Candidacy.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 173369 and 177200, effective February 21, 2003.)

A. The Declaration of Candidacy shall be accompanied by the filing fee.

1. $50 for the office of the Mayor.

2. $30 for the office of Commissioner or Auditor.

B. A Declaration of Candidacy shall be on a Filing of Candidacy form provided by the Auditor as prescribed by state law and shall provide qualifications and fees for city candidates. It shall include:

1. The candidate’s name and the manner in which the name should appear on the ballot;

2. The candidate’s residence and mailing addresses and other contact information;

3. The candidate’s county of residence;

4. The position and position number, if applicable, for which the candidate seeks nomination;

5. A statement of the candidate’s occupation, educational and occupational experience and prior government experience;

6. A statement the candidate will accept nomination or election;

7. A statement the candidate will qualify if elected;

8. A statement the required fee is included with the declaration; and

9. The candidate’s signature.

C. The Filing of Candidacy form shall state pursuant to ORS 260.715 that any person who supplies any information on the form, knowing it to be false, is subject upon conviction to imprisonment in the penitentiary for up to five years or to a fine of $100,000 or both; and pursuant to ORS 249.013 that no person shall file a nominating petition or declaration of candidacy for more than one lucrative office before the date of the primary election unless the person first files a written withdrawal with the officer who accepted the initial filing.