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The City of Portland, Oregon

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2.08.080 Filing by Nominating Petition

(Amended by Ordinance No. 177200, effective February 21, 2003.)

A. As an alternative method of filing as a candidate without the expense of the filing fee, a candidate may file a nominating petition. A nominating petition shall contain no fewer than 100 original signatures of electors registered in the City of Portland.

B. Before circulating a nominating petition, the candidate shall file with the City Elections Officer a prospective petition signed by the candidate. The prospective petition shall be a copy of the signature sheet intended for circulation and filing, a statement whether petition circulators will be paid or unpaid, a Filing of Candidacy form. The copy of the signature sheet shall be in the form prescribed by state law and signed by the candidate.

C. The Filing of Candidacy form shall be on a form provided by the Auditor as prescribed by state law and shall provide qualifications and signature requirements for city candidates. It shall include the items listed in Section 2.08.070 B. 1. - 7., and 9. and 2.08.070 C. It shall also include a statement that the required prospective petition forms are included with the declaration.

D. No petition shall be circulated for signatures without the approval of the prospective petition by the City Elections Officer.

E. After circulating the petition, the candidate shall submit to the City Elections Filing Officer the signature sheets including no less than 100 percent of the required signatures and the circulator’s signed certification on each signature sheet that all signatures were obtained in the circulator’s presence and the circulator believes the signatures to belong to eligible electors.

F. Upon receipt of signature sheets containing the required number of signatures, the City Elections Officer shall arrange for verification of the validity of the signatures with the County Elections Officers.

G. Upon verification of the validity of 100 signatures, the candidate shall file the perfected petition, including a Declaration of Candidacy labeled "perfected petition" with the City Elections Officer.

H. Any eligible elector may sign a nominating petition of any candidate for nonpartisan city office.