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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.02.025 Attendance by Electronic Communication.

Members of the City Council may attend and be present at public meetings by means of telephone or other electronic communication allowing voice transmission provided that all the conditions in Subsections A.- D. are fulfilled.

A. An emergency exists such that failure to allow participation of City Council members by electronic communication would jeopardize the public interest, health, safety or welfare.

B. Prior to commencement of the meeting, the Auditor or designate shall make reasonable efforts to notify all City Council members who are expected to be unable to be physically present at the location of the meeting in order to give them an opportunity to participate by electronic communication.

C. At the commencement of the meeting, the Council shall make a record of the circumstances constituting the emergency which requires use of electronic communication and a record of the nature and extent of the attempts made to give each physically absent Council member an opportunity to participate by electronic communication. After making this record, the Council shall give an opportunity to all those physically present at the meeting to state on the record any objection they have to conducting the meeting by electronic communication.

D. Except for an executive session, the Council shall make available at least one place where the public entitled to attend the meeting can listen to the communication at the time it occurs by speakers or other devices. The place provided may be a place where no members of the Council are present. All other requirements of state law and City Code concerning the conduct of meetings by electronic communication shall be met.