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3.02.036 Consent Agenda.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 166314 and 17787, effective August 13, 2003.)

A. Those who file documents for inclusion on the Council Agenda shall clearly designate such items as "Consent" or "Regular" Agenda. The Council Agenda shall clearly distinguish Consent from Regular Agenda items. The Auditor shall make an appropriate designation if none is assigned.

B.  The Consent Agenda may include any matter for Council consideration except:

1. Appeals of land use decisions or other land use matters requiring a hearing under City Charter or State law;

2. Any matter which will increase an appropriation unit’s budget; or

3. Any matter requested to be placed on the regular agenda at the time of filing with the Auditor.

C. The Consent Agenda shall be positioned in the Council Agenda in accordance with Section 3.02.030.

D. An item designated for the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda by a Council member or any individual prior to Council vote on the Consent Agenda. The request may be in either written or verbal form. When removed, items shall be considered individually at the end of the Consent Agenda at the same Council meeting. A request to pull an item from Consent shall be made to the City Auditor prior to the beginning of the Council meeting, or presented verbally at the Council meeting.

E. At any meeting at which there is a Consent Agenda, the ayes and nays shall be taken upon the passage of all items on the Consent Agenda by a single Council vote. It shall not be necessary that there be a reading of the titles or the effect of the items on a Consent Agenda. Items on a Consent Agenda shall not be subject to amendment or debate. Consideration of the Consent Agenda requires at least four Council members to be present and voting. Action on the Consent Agenda shall require a unanimous vote of all Council members present.