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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Section 5-122. Military Service.

FPDR One Members entering military service in time of a national emergency so declared by the President of the United States or inducted by the federal or State government into the armed forces or the reserve components thereof at a time of said national emergency shall receive credit for all time spent in said service toward retirement under this Act; provided said member returns to active duty in the Bureau of Fire or Police, as the case may be, within sixty (60) days after being relieved with a favorable discharge from said service and does not voluntarily remain in said service after the emergency; and provided further, however, that if a member shall become eligible, while in said service, to receive a pension according to years of service and age, as provided in Section 5‑113, it shall not be necessary for such member to return to active duty in the Bureau of Fire or Bureau of Police in order to receive his retirement pension.  In case of the member's death while in said service the member's Surviving Spouse and Dependent Minor Child or children shall be eligible for benefits as provided in Section 5‑118.  In case of injury or sickness contracted by said member while in said service, after being relieved from said service the member shall be entitled to the same benefits the member would have received under the paragraph in Section 5‑116 hereof providing for benefits upon nonservice‑connected disabilities.