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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.20.190 Application, Oath of Office, Compensation and Equipment of Police Reserves.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 143623 and 164223, effective May 29, 1991.) Each new member of the police reserve shall make an application on a blank form provided by the Chief of Police, giving such data concerning his age, weight, identification, residence, occupation, previous experience in police work, if any, citizenship, and other data as the Chief of Police may find necessary or convenient, including fingerprinting for better identification. Members of such police reserve shall be entitled to no compensation unless specifically authorized and provided by the Council. Upon appointment each member shall take an oath of office similar to the oath required of regular members of the Bureau of Police, and such oath shall be filed with the City Auditor. Regular members of the reserve shall serve during the pleasure of the Chief and shall wear a uniform prescribed by the Chief of Police. They shall perform the duties and take training as directed by the Chief of Police. They shall observe the rules of deportment and conduct applicable to regular police officers. They shall, in the performance of their duties, be subject to the orders of commanding officers of the regular and reserve police force of the City. They shall, at all times, cooperate with regular police officers in the performance of their duties. While on any authorized assignment they shall be covered by the City’s self-insurance as authorized under the provisions of the Oregon State Workers’ Compensation Act. The insurance shall be in a form approved by the City Attorney. It is unlawful for any person whose appointment has been terminated, to retain possession or refuse to return any badge, identification or equipment issued to such person after demand for the return has been made by the Mayor, Chief of Police or anyone acting under and by the authority of the Mayor or Chief of Police. Members of the special duty police reserve shall be subject to police duty only when special occasion therefor arises. Each member shall provide his own equipment, subject to the approval of the Chief of Police, and shall make such reports as the Chief of Police may require.