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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.84.010 Filing of Accident Report.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 165594, effective July 8, 1992.) In addition to the requirements of ORS 813, accident reports shall be filed:

A. Whenever any motor vehicle belonging to the City, whether being operated by a City employee or not, becomes involved in an accident resulting in injury or death to any person or damage to the City vehicle or property of another, the operator of the City vehicle or the person to whom the vehicle is assigned or chargeable, shall, not later than the next normal day of business following the date of the accident, forward a complete written report of such accident, in triplicate, to the Bureau of Property Control upon forms furnished by the City. The Property Control Officer shall forward one copy of every report so filed, to the office of the City Attorney not later than the next normal day of business following the day of the filing;

B. Whenever the original report and duplicate is insufficient in the opinion of the Property Control Officer of the City Attorney, supplemental reports of accidents may be required of the person or persons chargeable therefor;

C. Whenever the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident is injured thereby so as to be incapable of making a required accident report and there was another City employee occupant in the vehicle at the time of the accident capable of making a report, such occupant shall make or cause the report to be made.