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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.96.030 Neighborhood Associations.

A. Minimum Standards for Neighborhood Associations. To receive and maintain formal recognition, Neighborhood Associations shall meet the Standards for neighborhood public involvement.

B. Functions of Neighborhood Associations. A Neighborhood Association may engage in, but is not limited to the following:

1. Make recommendation(s) concerning a particular action, policy or other matter to any City agency on any topic affecting the livability, safety and economic vitality of the Neighborhood, including but not limited to land use, housing, community facilities, human resources, social and recreational programs, traffic and transportation, environmental quality and public safety; and,

2. Assist City agencies in determining priority needs of the Neighborhood; and,

3. Review items for inclusion in the City budget and make recommendations relating to budget items for Neighborhood improvement; and,

4. Undertake projects and activities deemed appropriate by the Neighborhood Association; and,

5. Cooperate with other Neighborhood Associations and ONI to create District Coalitions.

C. Responsibilities of Neighborhood Associations.

1. Neighborhood Associations shall abide by the Standards established by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

2. Neighborhood Associations shall make a reasonable effort to include affected City agencies in planning activities which affect Neighborhood livability.

D. Benefits to Neighborhood Associations.

1. Any Neighborhood Association meeting the minimum requirements established by 3.96.030, upon request, is entitled to formal recognition and benefits from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement pursuant to the adopted Standards.

2. If a Neighborhood Association fails to meet the minimum requirements of 3.96.030, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement may, pursuant to the adopted Standards, suspend partial or all benefits to that Neighborhood Association and may ultimately revoke formal recognition of that Neighborhood Association.