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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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3.106.030 Council Review.

Except as provided in Section 3.106.040, resolutions of the Commission shall not become effective, if, within 10 days after the filing by the Exposition - Recreation Commission of a copy of a resolution with the City Auditor, a member of the City Council files a request with the Auditor for City Council review of the Commission action. Upon receipt of a request for City Council review of Commission action, the City Auditor shall forthwith notify the General Manager of the Exposition - Recreation Commission of the request for review and shall deliver to him a copy of the request for review. The Auditor shall place the resolution on the Council agenda for Council review at the next regular Council meeting. In placing the resolution on the Council calendar, the Auditor shall act consistently with the regular filing deadline for Council calendar items established by this Code; provided, the Council may review any Exposition - Recreation Commission resolution as a four-fifths item, or under suspension of Council rules. At the time of requesting Council review of Exposition - Recreation Commission action, the Council member shall state the reason such review is necessary and what action the Council should take on the matters.