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The City of Portland, Oregon

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3.107.010 Created - Appointment.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 168939, effective June 14, 1995.) There hereby is created the Water Quality Advisory Committee. The Committee shall consist of nine members, appointed by the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Water Works and confirmed by the Council. Appointments shall be for terms of 3 years except that 4 of the initial appointments shall be for terms of 2 years. When a vacancy occurs, the Commissioner In Charge shall appoint and the Council shall confirm a member to fill a new 3-year term. The Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Water Works may remove a member from the Committee at any time, subject to approval by the Council. The Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Water Works shall appoint members to the Committee with expertise or association in areas such as water quality, water treatment, public health policy, the environmental community, civic and business organizations, major industrial or commercial users, neighborhood associations and the public at large of which at least 3 members shall have relevant technical expertise. Committee members may serve a maximum of two 3-year terms, with the 4 appointees serving the initial terms of 2 years to serve a total maximum of 5 years. Within the maximum service limit of 6 years the Council may extend, for a period of less than 3 years, the terms of committee members who were appointed to serve or who have served the balance of a retiring committee member’s term. All members shall serve without compensation from the City.