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14B.10.050 Burglary and Alarm System Fines.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 179726 and 179767, effective November 30, 2005.)
A. Fines will be assessed by the Coordinator for excessive false alarms during a permit year as follows:
Second False Alarms $50 each
Third False Alarms $100 each
Fourth and any additional False Alarms $150 each
B. The Coordinator will send a Notification of Alarm by regular mail to notify the alarm user and the alarm business of a false alarm and the fine and the consequences of the failure to pay the fine. The Coordinator will also inform the alarm users of their right to appeal the validity of the false alarm to the Chief of Police, as provided in Section 14B.10.100. If the fine has not been received in the Coordinator’s Office within 30 days of the day Notice of fine was mailed by the Coordinator and there is no appeal pending on the validity of the false alarm, the Coordinator will send the Notice of fine by mail along with a notice of late fee of $25. If payment is not received within 10 days of the day the Notice of late fee was mailed, the Coordinator will initiate the no response process according to Section 14B.10.060 and may initiate the enforcement of penalties according to Section 14B.10.130.
C. The payment of any fine shall not be deemed to extend the term of the permit.
D. The fine assessed by the Coordinator to the Alarm User for failure to apply for an alarm permit will be $100 per incident.
E. The fine assessed by the Coordinator to an Alarm Business for failure to provide the alarm permit number at the time of requesting emergency service will be $100 per incident.
F. The fine assessed by the Coordinator to an Alarm Business for failure to provide the designated monthly updates of their customer list by the 10th day of the following month will be $500 per month.