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16.30.320 Notice After Vehicle Tow.

A.  After a vehicle has been towed pursuant to this Chapter, notice will be provided to the registered owner(s) and any other person(s) who reasonably appear to have an interest in the vehicle.  Notice will be mailed to such persons within 48 hours after the tow of the vehicle, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays excluded, and will state:

1.  That the vehicle has been towed;

2.  The location of the vehicle and that it may be reclaimed only upon evidence that the claimant is the owner or person entitled to possession;

3.  The address and telephone number of the person or facility that may be contacted for information on the charges that must be paid before the vehicle will be released and the procedures for obtaining the release of the vehicle;

4.  That the vehicle and its contents are subject to a lien for the towing and storage charges; that if the vehicle is not claimed within 15 days after the mailing date of the notice, the vehicle and its contents will be subject to sale by the City or the towing and storage facility where the vehicle is located and that failure to reclaim the vehicle within such time will constitute a waiver of all interest in the vehicle; and

5.  Unless notice of the availability of a hearing to contest the tow has been provided prior to towing as prescribed in Section 16.30.310, the notice will state that a hearing may be requested to contest the validity of the tow and will set forth the time in which a hearing must be requested and the method of requesting a hearing.

B.  If a vehicle has been reclaimed prior to the mailing of the notice, no notice need be mailed or provided, but the person or persons reclaiming the vehicle must be provided with written notice of the opportunity for a hearing to contest the tow pursuant to Section 16.30.350.

C.  In those circumstances in which it can reasonably be anticipated that mailing of notice may hinder or prevent the apprehension of a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation, the mailing of notice may be delayed until such time as will not prejudice that investigation or apprehension.