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The City of Portland, Oregon

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25.04.070 Certificate of Final Inspection.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 168183, effective November 1, 1994.)  Upon completion of the work covered by the plumbing permit, the person engaged to do such work shall notify the Plumbing Inspector of such completion.  As soon as possible after the receipt of such notice, final inspection shall be made by the Plumbing Inspector.  If corrections are required, the permittee shall be notified in writing, setting forth the nature of the violation or violations.  If a person, plumbing contractor, or sewer contractor is delinquent for more than 10 days in making corrections to plumbing after having been notified by the Plumbing Inspector, further permits to such person, plumbing contractor, or sewer contractor may be refused until the corrections have been made; and if the job is started in violation of this Section, the penalties imposed by this Title shall be enforced.  If it is found that the work complies in all respects with the requirements of this Title, a certificate in writing to that effect shall be issued on demand by the Plumbing Inspector.  No plumbing system shall be placed in service until its formal approval as evidenced by the certificate of final inspection shall have been made.  Provision shall be made to have access to the building and water turned on to all fixtures so that one inspection will cover all the work under plumbing permit.