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EMG-1.03 - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Incident Annex


Non-Binding City Policy



Link to CBRNE Incident Annex - Exhibit A  (PDF Document, 956 kb)




WHEREAS, The Portland Urban Area possesses numerous features and facilities identified as potential terrorist targets; and


WHEREAS, The Portland urban area will host the Top Officials federal exercise in October 2007, and will test the federal, state, and local top officials’ response to a CBRNE Incident as outlined in this Annex; and


WHEREAS, it is understood that a confirmed or presumptive terrorist CBRNE incident may have regional implications and may even be considered an incident of national significance.  Confirmation of which will result in a heightened local threat level and will require the need for heightened awareness by the City; and


WHEREAS, the primary goal of the Annex is to coordinate the activities of the Portland bureaus to protect the people, property, economy, and environment of the City of Portland ; and


WHEREAS, the Mayor or successor shall have ultimate responsibility for the resolution of conflicts regarding the application of limited resources as stated in City Code 15.08.020; and


WHEREAS, the Mayor and Disaster Policy Council will confer as necessary to aid in making policy decisions needed and for the expedient response, recovery and continuity of City operations as a whole; and


WHEREAS, designated and trained responders from various City bureaus will staff the City Emergency Operations Center ; and


WHEREAS, the City bureaus, resources and specialized forces of Police, Fire and Rescue, Emergency Management, Public Works, and Emergency Communications will be engaged in a CBRNE event and the Emergency Operations Center will be activated; and


WHEREAS, The Annex reflects the intended responsibilities of these bureaus and outside agencies:


     ▪ Fire and Rescue will provide emergency medical care and prepare victims for transport;

     ▪ Portland Police will secure and search the incident area and participate in the criminal investigation;

     ▪ Metro Explosives Disposal Unit will render safe any device and establish an exclusionary zone;

     ▪ Regional Hazardous Materials Teams will respond with monitor, detect and rescue people and animals from the site of the hazardous materials release;

     ▪ Multnomah County Health Department will provide public and first responders information on radiation exposure, risk and travel recommendations;

     ▪ Oregon Health Sciences University will coordinate the Regional Hospital Communication System to direct patient delivery to appropriate facilities;

     ▪ Hospitals will be communicating through the Hospital Emergency ICS to share critical information regarding presenting patients;

     ▪ Public Works agencies will coordinate water supply availability, transportation route clearance, debris removal, repair and restoration of infrastructure and traffic management;

     ▪ Multnomah County Emergency Management will provide an interface between the City EOC, the State Emergency Coordination Center;

     ▪ State Emergency Coordination Center will coordinate communications, and federal resource requests and allocations;

     ▪ A Joint Field Office will be established during an incident involving arrival of numerous federal responders;

     ▪ A Joint Operations Center will activate with the FBI as the lead agency for the CBRNE crime investigation;


WHEREAS, the regional coordination of a CBRNE event necessitates understanding of this Annex by City officials; and


WHEREAS, Chapter 3.125.020 authorizes the Disaster Policy Council to recommend adoption by City Council of plans and annexes in preparation of exercises and for this CBRNE Incident Annex in particular; and




NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the CBRNE Incident Annex to the Basic Emergency Operations Plan is hereby adopted as a non-binding policy, substantially as set forth in Exhibit A , attached to this resolution; and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the CBRNE Incident Annex will be a dynamic document, changing as it is tested and as more partnerships develop for training, exercise and updates prior to the Top Officials exercise in October of 2007.


Link to CBRNE Incident Annex - Exhibit A  (PDF Document, 956 kb)




Resolution No. 36522, adopted by City Council July 25, 2007.

Policy moved by Auditor's Office to Emergency Management category from Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management category and renumbered from NCP-FIR-11.03 to NCP-EMG-1.03 March 28, 2008.