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20.08.060 Prohibited Conduct at Permitted Events.

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 179337, effective June 15, 2005.) In addition to any other applicable provision of law, it is unlawful for any person to engage in any of the following conduct at any event for which a permit has been issued in any Park:

A. Any conduct that substantially prevents any other person from viewing, hearing or meaningfully participating in the event.

B. Any conduct that substantially interferes with the free passage of event participants or attendees by creating an insurmountable obstacle at any entrance, aisle, walkway, stairwell, ramp, esplanade, vendor booth, ride or other area commonly used for public access, egress or ingress.

C. Using any facility, structure, fixture, improvement or other thing within the area covered by the permit in a manner contrary to or inconsistent with its intended, designated or safe use. This Subsection does not apply to any person engaged in any constitutionally protected expression, unless, and then only to the extent that, in connection with the expression, the person engages in conduct that amounts to misuses of things as proscribed by this Subsection.

D. Except as expressly provided for under the terms of the permit, lighting any fire. This prohibition does not apply to smoking devices designed for and used for smoking tobacco, in areas where such smoking is permitted.

E. Any sexual conduct, as defined under ORS 167.060, including but not limited to any physical manipulation or touching of a person's sexual organs through, over or under a person's clothing in an act of apparent sexual stimulation or gratification, regardless of the person's subjective intent.

F. Operating any bicycle, in-line skates, roller blades or other human-powered form of accelerated propulsion, except in such places as the permittee may provide or allow for such activities.

G. Entry into the area subject to the permit without consenting to an inspection of personal belongings for the purpose of preventing the introduction of prohibited items into the event. For purposes of this Subsection, "personal belongings" includes backpacks, duffel bags, sleeping bags, purses, coolers, bulky apparel items and other personal items large enough to conceal or contain prohibited items.

H. Bringing into or possessing within the area covered by the permit any prohibited item. For purposes of this Section, "prohibited item" includes any fireworks, laser light, laser pointer, animals of any kind (except for service animals while performing their qualifying services), sound producing or reproducing or audio or video recording equipment (except as authorized by the permittee), glass bottles or containers, alcoholic beverages (except as provided by the permittee in accordance with the permit), furniture or fixtures (except as authorized by the permittee), any thing specifically designed for and presently capable of causing, or carried with the intent to threaten or cause, bodily harm to another (except for concealed handguns lawfully carried by persons in accordance with valid concealed handgun permits), and any item whose possession violates any other applicable provision of law.

I. Entry into or remaining in any area covered by any permit for any event that is not open to the public without the consent of the permittee, or entry into or remaining in any area covered by any permit for any event that is open to the public only upon the payment of an entry fee or charge, without first paying the applicable entry fee or charge.

The prohibitions contained in this Section do not apply to conduct by any Park Officer in the performance of duty, or by any person authorized to engage in that conduct in connection with the event in accordance with the permit.