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The City of Portland, Oregon

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24.70.090 Setbacks.

A. General. The setbacks and other restrictions specified by this Section are minimal and may be increased by the Director, or by the recommendation of the civil engineer, soils engineer, or engineering geologist, if necessary for safety and stability or to prevent damage of adjacent properties from deposition or erosion or to provide access for slope maintenance and drainage. Retaining walls may be used to reduce the required setbacks when approved by the Director.

B. Setbacks from property lines. The tops of cuts and toes of fill slopes shall be set back from the outer boundaries of the permit area, including slope right areas and easements, in accordance with Figure No. 2 and Table No. 24.70-C at the end of this Chapter.

C. Design standards for setbacks. Setbacks between graded slopes (cut or fill) and structures shall be provided in accordance with Figure No. 3 and Table No. 24.70-C at the end of this Chapter.