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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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32.12.030 Prohibitions.

The following are prohibited and existing ones must be removed:

A. Signs containing strobe lights;

B. Abandoned sign structures;

C. Signs placed on or painted on a motor vehicle or trailer parked with the primary purpose of providing signs not otherwise allowed by the code;

D. Permanent balloon signs;

E. Outdoor, portable electric signs;

F. Signs that imitate or resemble official traffic lights, signs or signals or signs that interfere with the effectiveness of any official traffic light, sign or signal;

G. Signs that focus or flash a beam of light into the eyes of a driver of a motor vehicle upon a right of way within 200 feet from such sign; and

H. Signs erected, constructed or structurally altered that are required by Section 32.62.010, Permit or Registration Required to have a permit that were erected, constructed or altered without a permit.