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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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18.06.030 Responsibilities.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 159276, effective January 24, 1987.)

A.  The responsibilities of the Noise Control Officer shall include:

1.  Investigating citizen complaints of violations of this Title, making all necessary inspections and observations upon reasonable cause, with presentation of proper credentials, and enforcing the provisions of this Title.

2.  Promulgating rules and procedures to be used in the measurement of sound.

3.  Conducting or participating in studies, research and monitoring relating to sound and noise, including joint cooperative investigation with public or private agencies; and the application for, and acceptance of, grants and contracts, with the approval of the City Council.

4.  Advising, consulting and cooperating with any public or private agency, including City bureaus, to implement the provisions of this Title.

5.  The supplying of such technical assistance as the Board shall direct or require.

6.  The reviewing of all applications for variances and the rendering of decisions within the time specified, according to Section 18.14.

B.  The responsibilities of the Noise Review Board shall include:

1.  Instituting a public education program regarding sound and noise, including the collection, publication and dissemination of appropriate literature and information, and the enlisting of cooperation by public, civic, scientific, and educational groups.

2.  The reviewing of applications for variances, and the rendering of decision within the time specified, according to Section 18.14.

3.  Evaluating the effectiveness of this Title, and the developing of recommendations for amendments, additions, or deletions to this Title.

4.  Developing long‑term objectives for achieving reduction of sound levels in the community, and developing a means for implementing these objectives into the long‑range planning process.

5.  The developing of rules relative to the conduct of its meetings and to other matters the Board considers appropriate to noise control.