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10.60.010 Revisions to Erosion, Sediment and Pollutant Control Plan.

A. During development, the Director or the responsible party may request revisions to the approved erosion, sediment or pollutant control plan.  The Director may approve, (or for projects within the public right-of-way accept), or deny all revisions.

B. The Director may require revisions to the approved erosion, sediment and pollutant control plan when:

1. It is determined that approved erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures do not meet the purposes set forth in Subsection 10.30.020.A.

2. An alternate method, measure or control fails to perform as claimed by the responsible party.

3. A change in project timing has occurred due to an adverse change in weather.

4. During development, relevant new information about soil, site, topography or water conditions is discovered.

5. Changes to the area or type of ground disturbing activity or equipment used are proposed or implemented.

6. The project schedule has changed which results in development being conducted at a different time of year than originally accepted or approved.

7. Additional or substitute construction or maintenance materials or chemicals will be used during development that require pollutant BMPs as set out in the Erosion Control Manual.

C. Revised plans shall show all actual and proposed changes made on the site, the new locations of the drainage patterns, and the affect that the revisions will have on the site.  The new plans shall show how problems associated with the prior plan have been corrected, and indicate all new erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures.  The Director may require that the new plans be prepared by a State of Oregon registered engineer, a State of Oregon registered landscape architect, or a CPESC, and that the revisions be stamped as such.

D. The responsible party shall be solely responsible for the costs associated with any revisions, including but not limited to, any additional or alternate methods, measures, performance criteria or controls.