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The City of Portland, Oregon

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10.70.020 Notice of Violation.

A. Written Notice of Violation.  When the Director determines that a violation of this Title has occurred, the Director shall notify the responsible party and the property owner in writing that a violation of this Title has occurred.  The notice of violation shall either be delivered to the responsible party or posted at the property site of the violation, and mailed to all responsible parties. If the address of the responsible party is unknown, then the notice shall, in addition to being posted at the site, be published in a local newspaper for one week.  This publication shall serve as the mailed notice.

B. The written notice shall include the following information:

1. Date violation has occurred;

2. Permit number, where applicable;

3. Site address, legal description or project location;

4. Description of violation;

5. Disclosure that civil penalties, charges and liens may result from a failure to remedy the violations;

6. Deadline to correct violation prior to assessment of civil penalties.  If there is a threat of injury to the public health, the environment, or public or private property, the Director may require correction of the violation within 24 hours.  All violations shall be corrected within 14-calendar days;

7. The date that civil penalties, administrative enforcement fees, charges or liens will begin accumulating; and,

8. Information about the responsible party’s ability to appeal.

C. Failure to respond to notice of violation may result in civil penalties, administrative enforcement fees and stop work orders.