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The City of Portland, Oregon

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21.08.010 Location of Mains.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 181715, effective April 2, 2008.) 

A.  Water mains are to be installed within public right-of-ways.  The Chief Engineer of the Portland Water Bureau may authorize construction of a public main within a private tract of land dedicated and utilized as a private street.  The City shall be granted an easement of sufficient width, as determined by the Chief Engineer.  The easement agreement shall be on a form approved by the Chief Engineer, and it shall allow 24-hour unobstructed access to operate and maintain the public water system within the private street.  The Chief Engineer or the Administrator shall determine the necessity to cross private land with a public main.

B.  Water main extensions shall be installed a minimum of 5 feet past the closest property line of the parcel to be served.

C.  If the Chief Engineer determines that an application for water service cannot be met because there is no main or the mains are inadequate for the demands projected, the person denied service may apply for the construction or improvement of mains to allow the service.  Upon such application, the Chief Engineer shall prepare a cost estimate for the work to be performed, using such cost factors as the Chief Engineer determines are accurate and appropriate for the job.  In order to receive water service, the applicant is obligated to pay for the costs assessed by the Portland Water Bureau for water main or main extensions to provide adequate flow to the site, using the most direct route through the public right of way for the main to reach the desired site, as determined by the Chief Engineer. 

D.  The Portland Water Bureau retains the right to use a larger main than required to serve the applicant's demands (although, at a minimum, any applicant is responsible for a main at least 6 inches in diameter) or an alternative route for the main.  If the Portland Water Bureau installs a larger main or chooses an alternative route, the Portland Water Bureau shall assume the costs in excess of that required to serve the applicant's site using the most direct route in the public right of way and the size of main necessary for the applicant's demand.