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The City of Portland, Oregon

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17.16.100 Facilities in Street Area Affected by Improvement.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 173295, effective April 28, 1999.)

A. If a fire hydrant has been installed at established street grade and in a location approved by the City Engineer, and a local improvement or public improvement requires moving such hydrant, the Bureau of Water Works shall upon request of the City Engineer make the necessary change. The cost thereof shall be included in the cost of the improvement unless the Council directs payment from public funds.

B. In all other cases, any facility over, upon or under the street area, required to be moved either for construction or as the result of a local or public improvement shall be changed, moved, removed or relocated, as the City Engineer may direct, at the expense of the owner of the facility. The change includes any trenches and filling thereof or other work necessary for the change. However, this does not relieve the contractor from liability or responsibility under contract specifications. Liability of the owner of the facility for such change shall be conditioned upon notice in writing given by the contractor at least 10 days preceding the improvement work in the area. In case any such owner fails or refuses to make the change or relocation, then upon direction by the City Engineer the contractor on the improvement may perform such change or relocation, and upon approval of the contractor’s bill therefor by the City Engineer, if the owner of the facility is the owner of land to be assessed for the local improvement, then the City shall add the amount of the bill for the work to the local improvement assessment to be assessed upon the property. If the contractor has performed such work of change or relocation of facility, and the owner thereof is not chargeable by assessment of benefit from the improvement, then the contractor shall look solely to the owner of such facility for reimbursement of the cost of change or relocation. In case of a public improvement constructed at the expense of City funds, City funds shall be chargeable for the cost of moving any City owned facilities.

C. The contractor for a public improvement or local improvement shall not interfere with or impede any person engaged in changing or relocating the facility within a street area, as required in this Section.

D. The right is reserved to the City and to owners of public utilities in the street area to enter upon such street area for repairs, changes or installation of additional facilities in the street area of the improvement work.