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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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8.20.070 Public Bathhouses and Swimming Pools.

Every person owning, maintaining, or operating any bathhouse or other place where the public is admitted with or without charge for bathing, shall at all times keep the premises, appurtenances and all equipment in a clean and sanitary condition.  All such premises and equipment shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection by the Health Officer or any sanitary inspector of the City.  The Health Officer may from time to time require such changes to be made or such measures to be taken as may in his judgment be necessary in the interests of public health.

Whenever it shall appear to the Health Officer that a condition exists which is an immediate menace to the public health, he shall serve written notice upon the owner, manager, operator or person in charge of such place, requiring him immediately to discontinue the use thereof until such condition is remedied and the premises are put in a clean and sanitary condition.

The Health Officer shall from time to time inspect all public and semi‑public swimming pools and make sanitary tests of the water.  In case he finds a condition existing which is a menace to the public health, he shall proceed to give notice and cause discontinuance thereof in the manner provided in the preceding paragraph.